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05 Keto Diet Side Effects You Should Know

Ketosis is motivating and exciting, yet its potential dangers can be uncomfortable.

What are Keto diet side effects? You might come across the notion that keto diet promotes weight loss in a way no other diet can.

You would be surprised to know that this is not the only thing happens when you build up fats in your diet and slash your carbs drastically.

It is likely that you are not aware of keto diet side effects. They range from being positive, uncomfortable to dangerous. Few potential ketosis effects are here for your information.

Keto Diet Side Effects

Feeling Sick and Less Fog Brain

 Ever experienced keto flu? Yes, it is a state when you undergo ketosis and cutting your carbs.

It ends up in uncomfortable symptoms like fatigue, headache, nausea, muscle ache, headache, and diarrhea. It happens due to body transitioning to use fat as the primary source of energy rather carbohydrates.

Once the body adapts to a new energy source (within one to two weeks), this situation becomes better. Fatigue occurs due to the restriction of calories.

keto diet side effects

Ketosis and Side Effects of Diet

The other aspect of keto diet side effects is about less fog brain. During ketosis, blood sugar spikes and dip due to less use of refined carbs like white bread, sugar or white pasta.

This less usage makes the brain even and behaves nicely. It may be uncomfortable to sedentary people, but for healthy ones, it translates steady level of energy, hence few cravings for sugary items. This physiological state may take time to adapt to by body.

Feeling Baked Up & Thirsty

If you find yourself parched, don’t worry, as it is due to keto diet side effects.  Ketosis excretes all the extra water, so it is likely that there is a spike in thirst.

Make things regular and drink more to work metabolism usually. Generally, it is wise to drink enough, so the urine is pale yellow or colorless.

Low carb eating plans welcome constipation. If you are feeling a bit baked up, don’t worry, it is due to less intake of high fiber food due to a keto diet.

Severely curbing whole grains, vegetables and fruits can create such situation. When this element is combined with other water excretion, constipation occurs.

In such a case, taking high fiber veggies and supplements may help to reduce the issue.

Less Craving

Often in weight loss, you are fighting with more cravings and feeling hungrier. When you go keto, this is not the case. Many ketoers reported less need and hunger after getting into ketosis.

No apparent reason is found yet, but it is thought that frequently low carb diet plans suppress the ghrelin (hunger production hormone).

Due to restricted food intake, skin becomes healthy. Strange indeed, but many ketoers felt the difference in the skin when they entered into ketosis, mainly, it happens if you were sugar addicted.

Empty carbs result in severe acne since some food aggravates inflammation, it triggers the sebaceous gland to release oil and clog pores.   Research evidence supported that curbing carb intake can solve acne issue and skin improves.

Stress on Kidneys

The primary role of the kidney is to metabolize protein, but high intake may impact kidney functioning.

It appears when most of the ketoers mistakenly consume high fat plus high protein diet, rather than opting for high fat and medium protein Ketogenic diet. This ends up in eating protein way more than the body’s actual need.

This situation may act as one of the Keto diet side effects. It is always better to talk to your physician so you get to know how much you should consume according to your body needs.

High protein consumption puts up pressure on kidneys that may be unpleasant. Speaking to a nutritionist will be helpful to tailor your diet to ketosis.

Heart Disease Risk Factors

Keto diet side effects include alteration of risk factors for heart disease. It is good news for ketoers in a way that eating a low carb diet can decline obesity level as well as type 2 diabetes, so HDL cholesterol improves. These things translate into less risk for heart disease.

Heart health is based on what you eat. Medicine Journal has found that low carb diets contain fats and proteins, derived from a vegetable-based source like nuts or avocado.

This lowers the heart disease risk by 30%. However, this is not true for ketoers who use animal-based proteins and fats like butter, steak, and bacon. American Heart Association states that saturated fats can increase heart problems.

Keto diet side effects are short term and long term. Being on a Ketogenic diet needs consistency and consultation with the doctor, to stay safe. 

Common ketosis side effects like keto flue, bad breath, and keto insomnia are easy to handle if one needs to lose weight in the long term. Flavored water and sugar-free mints can help ketoers combating such issues.

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