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4 Proven Benefits of Green Tea for Skin Care

Green Tea Benefits for Skin

Green Tea Benefits for Skin

Being healthy needs great care of food and what you eat. This is not the only thing that assures you get healthy skin but many other precautions help you getting best skin.  

Among many beverages worldwide, taken for good skin, one is green tea. It is one of the most loved drinks and valued by those who know its significance. It is made up of Camellia sinensis plant leaves, they are not in oxidized form, and hence least processed tea offers great benefits. 

Its leaves do not fermented prior to drying and steaming so it retains good quantities of polyphenols-plant substance that contains enormous properties.

These properties are quite amazing for skin and they range from anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory to anti-carcinogenic.  Below described some of specific ways how green tea works for skin:

Reduces Aging Signs

The first and foremost contributory factor is reduction in age signs. Reduction in wrinkles and lines from face is utmost important for women.

The superb anti oxidants benefits of green tea makes skin look younger always. It prevents signs of aging, reduces freckles, diminishes skin spots and wrinkles.

The polyphenols works dramatic way to nullify the free radicals from the skin which are prime reason to accelerate aging process.

Fights Acne Issue

The catechins acts as anti-bacterial elements and mainly serve as a defense against acne causing bacteria. The main causing factor of acne is hormonal imbalance that can be deal by catechins by regulating the activity.

Acne also brings about inflammation on the skin; green tea treats this issue by its anti-inflammatory property and reduces skin redness. Research suggested that application of its mask help smoothening down skin.

Improves Skin Tone

This issue considered the essential one for many people, they keep on searching remedies to improve skin tone, do not wander read it out. Green tea, with its elements causes skin toxins and impurities to remove, yielding a healthy and clear tone.

Sometimes due to impurities, skin appears tan but upon cleansing it gives brighter tone. To improve skin flexibility, use green tea bags’ contents and mix with the raw honey, also you can add lemon juice.

Apply this mask onto whole face and sit for 10 minutes. Upon rinsing with Luke warm water, it would yield good results.

Treats Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes

The acknowledged advantage of green tea is that it significantly helps improving puffy eyes condition. Swelling and puffiness around the eyes is due to the expansion of blood vessels in this area, green tea shrinks down the blood vessels, hence soothes the skin beneath the eyes.

Green tea possesses vitamin K that is suitable for reducing dark circles around eyes. Used tea bags are good to apply on eyes for about 15 minutes.

These fruitful benefits of green tea are definitely going to offer you amazing results. Once used you would recommend them to your loved ones. With simple, easy and convenient remedies, you can have perfect skin and get rid of associated issues.


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