How to Get Healthy Growing Hair

Healthy Growing Hair

Get healthy growing hair

Get Healthy Hair by Natural Remedies

Food is the best source to attain minerals and protein. It also provides necessary nutrients to grow hair healthy. Best and healthy diet is crucial to get healthy hair. Food protein not only strengthens hair but also promote growth of hair. Main source of healthy diet is fruits and vegetables.

Dry fruits and vegetables:

Walnuts, peanuts, flaxseeds, fish, avocado and seeds help greatly to nourish the scalp. When inflammation of scalp reduces it lessens hair fall that in turn promote hair growth. Omega 3 fatty acids present in aforementioned food sources are sufficiently helpful in getting healthy hair. Other dietary sources are brown rice, oats that contribute biotin plays integral role for the health of hair and scalp nourishments.

Protein requirements:

Keratin is a necessary protein for hair growth. Methyl-sulfonyl-methane aids the production of keratin which accelerates the growth of hair and reduces hair fall. Research shows MSM supplements are quite effective in growing healthy hair as well as prevention of hair fall within just six months.

Vitamin B-6 complex:

Another super fast natural remedy is Vitamin B-6 complex, usually attained from food. Daily 100 mg of b-6 with the combination of biotin helps greatly to accelerate scalp blood circulation and prevent bad growth of hair.

Collagen fibers:

Strong impact on hair growth is done by collagen fibers, available in natural food. Collagen is present besides hair that makes them stronger and prevents aging. Less collagen makes hair vulnerable and hair can be broken easily. Human body is a natural factory of collagen that is mainly attained form vitamin C. citrus, oranges, strawberries and red pepper is a main source of vitamin C.

Vitamin E:

The best supporting agent for hair is vitamin E. it works very efficiently to support hair growth and maintaining health hair. Damaged hair can be cured with its help. Food rich in iron helps a lot in boosting healthy hair. Furthermore, molasses, figs, berries, and green vegetables are excellent source of iron.

Natural oils:

All these natural remedies works well with the combination of natural oils coconut oil, mustard oil, rosemary oil, lavender and jasmine are some great effect yielding oil for the healthy hair. Application of oil to hair and scalp is the best treatment for hair fall and accelerates hair growth evidently.


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