Do You Know Why Protein is Important for Weight Loss

Thinking about weight loss by protein is a cool idea but how protein can help achieve this goal is essential. For a better body look, protein is a single most important source of promoting weight loss.

High protein intake reduces appetite, makes you feel full and boosts metabolism. It helps to shed extra weight as well as belly fat. By regulating different weight loss hormones, the brain gets active.  Different signals that brain gets from food are to alter the hormonal level when we eat protein food. A high level of protein intake increases the satiety level, peptide YY, GLP-1 and cholecystokinin and works to decrease hunger hormone (ghrelin).

Protein is Important for Weight Loss Hormones

In a diet meal plan, when carbohydrates and fat are replaced with protein, hormonal satiety function increased, and hunger hormone declines. It is a reduction in hunger level that is the reason behind weight loss.

Protein helps burning calories, through digesting it, metabolism increases that burn calories. This effect is thermic food effect. The thermic effect of protein is 20-30%, carbohydrates have 5-10%, and fat has 0-30%. This information is different from different sources, but on average this ratio is same.

When the body is accustomed to burning more calories, as a result of high protein intake, metabolism works to burn fat even during sleep. Higher the protein intake is, higher will be this effect. A research study has shown that overfeeding high protein food causes calories to burn by 260% a day. It is a metabolic advantage that is a continued excitement for those who seeks weight loss. Protein is vital for weight loss by providing so many health benefits.

Protein is a macronutrient in paleo and keto diet and prized enough due to many potential benefits:

1. Protein Aids Satisfaction

This macronutrient helps feeling full, and level of satisfaction does not cause any hunger at different times of the day. It slows down the digestion process, and you can go smoothly with the diet plan, salads, and light dressings. This phenomenon is calorie saving that promotes weight loss.

2. Protein curbs effect of Carbohydrates

Carbohydrate-rich food and protein work combine to slow down the sugar absorption from the stomach to blood. It curbs future cravings and keeps blood sugar at a regulated level. Be careful, when you are on a diet meal plan and focus these advantages of protein.

3. Protein needs Energy

Thermic effect of food is necessary energy that helps food digestion and its assimilation (absorption of small food components into the blood stream). So, processing protein needs more energy. Hence, more calories will be burned according to a high thermic effect of protein as compared to cabs and fats.

4. Protein is Fuel

Another surprising result of protein consumption is its fat burning power. Without any help from carbohydrate and protein, the body is unable to process fat to get energy. In case of weight loss, body sheds fats and muscles. Eating protein builds muscles, it is essential to have adequate protein foods to compensate body. This process will fuel the fat burning process as well as work to preserve the lean muscles.

5. Protein repairs Muscle Growth

After intense exercise and significant workouts, the body needs higher protein intake. Keeping it at smooth level ensures you are on the right track.  Consuming protein food right after the tough exercise and training will help muscle repair and growth because the body is sensitive by that time.

Protein is essential for weight loss if consumed healthily. Getting so extra amounts of protein may be hazardous for healthy because it can cause weight gain by outing strain on kidneys to filter.

However, protein can be your pal on weight loss journey by adding more in the daily diet. For an average person, adding 20% protein in daily food intake is adequate.

On a diet meal, late night craving is your worst enemy. Consider it before it considers you. This is the big reason for failure in weight loss. If at one side, you have meal plan, and other side does not avoid late night craving, be assured you can never lose weight. Late night cravings are worst to gain weight because these calories are added a percentage of all those calories, you have taken the whole day.

Protein is essential for weight loss and building muscle strength, and it is scientifically proved. Protein food works for calorie in and calorie out the equation. It works on both ends by reducing calories and boosting them out.

According to a study of American Journal, 19 overweight individuals were taken, who have started consuming protein to 30%. They have shown a massive decrease in their calorie intake. It is clear from many studies that weight loss results are not that much dramatic though; it affects the promotion of weight loss.

How to Get Protein from Different Sources

Protein is vital for weight loss, and it is clear from the certain evidence. Getting protein from daily food is simple. All that you need is to have more protein foods per day.


Protein Sources of Food

These foods include:

  • Fish: Sardines, salmons, trout, and haddock
  • Meats: Turkey, lean protein from beef, chicken, and mutton
  • Legumes: Chickpeas, kidney beans, and lentils are best
  • Eggs: All kinds of eggs provide healthy proteins
  • Dairy: Yogurt, milk, and cheese

Find out the best sources of protein here

You can also go for fat cut meat, in case of a low carb diet. Lean meats are too good to go. It is an excellent solution to not to raise extra calories. Protein supplements are also good, and many people take it to complete fitness goals. Protein powder has been seen to have many health benefits, and the most significant is weight loss.

From this discussion, you may have sufficient idea why protein is essential for weight loss? Eating it is simple, yet nutritious. I recommend seeing a nutrition and calorie tracker at the start to monitor the daily facts. This way surely will help to hit your protein targets.

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