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Does Eating Popcorn Good For Weight Loss?

Do you know snacking on popcorn is healthy or not?

Are Popcorns good for weight loss or bad mainly depend on the way you consume it. Eating popcorn and watching movies go hand in hand but it does not ensure weight loss.

On one hand, it is rich in fiber and low in calories, but in case of butted doused-for movie-theater- you are prone to get more calories.

Snacking is good for weight loss since it fuels your body while grouping up meals. However, some snacks like popcorn perform a better role in weight loss than other snacks.

It is always better to eat snacks that do not add more calories while making you feel full.

Do you Know Eating Popcorn Good for Weight Loss?

Eating popcorn good for weight loss notion is true since it is high in nutrition and helps you feel full. Overall in the list of possible snacks for weight loss, popcorn comes at number one.

It is the simple, healthy, crunchy and nutritious snack that everyone loves to eat.

Though, due to excessive consumption at Movie Theater, it never works the same way for weight loss, because the movie theater popcorns are loaded with weird ingredients and calories as well as buttery toppings.

To say that, it is true that the crunchy kernel inside it acts as a healthy snack for several reasons.

Popcorn has Good Nutrition

Eating popcorn good for weight loss statement is true since it delivers healthy protein. In one ounce of serving, 4 grams fibers and 4 grams proteins are present.

This combination provides clocks in 110 calories and makes it a powerful snack. An average American adult needs to consume 25-30 gram fiber but it consumes less than half of it. Popcorn can add to this value.

Popcorn-a Whole Grain

Usually, the whole grain comes into mind in relation to wheat; break flecked with bran, or oatmeal bowl. But, it is important to note that popcorn also counts in whole grain.

Estimates show that people who eat popcorns tend to get 250% higher whole grains in the diet as compared to those who do not eat it.

Crunchy popcorn is rich in fiber and healthy to consider for a weight loss snack.

Low calories in Popcorn

Since popcorn is filling up with air, it is easy to get its larger quantity without getting lot calories. So, eating 3 whole cups of popcorn will only provide you 100 calories, it’s worth eating.

Antioxidants in Popcorns

It is clear that eating popcorn is good for weight loss but if we tell you that it provides many other health benefits, too.

Though a bit surprising fact, popcorns contain polyphenols, i.e. a compound found in tea and berries. Therefore, it is safe for heart health and significantly reduces the risk of cancer.

Flavored popcorns

If too much sodium is included in the diet, it may retain fluids in the body that can harm weight loss efforts.

It is wise to limit the salty temptations of microwave popcorns variety and start using seasoning to flavor the popcorns.

Cinnamon or Cajun spice is a good kick start. Parmesan cheese adds a good taste and salty touch to whole grain popcorns. It is good to use less sodium than salt.

Eating popcorn good for weight loss is a healthy phenomenon. Plain popcorns are nutritious while some microwave popcorns may contain extra preservatives or salts.

Using chili powder, hot sauce or cumin seed is better going to get ready your own cup. In addition, oregano, red pepper flakes, and basil can do wonders for you. For flavor, you can dip popcorns in yellow mustard sauce.

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