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Egg Yolk Face Mask: Perfect Skin Treatment

Eggs contain the high content of cholesterol. Doctors recommend that people with high cholesterol should limit consumption of egg yolk. It is one side of the story.

Focused research states that cholesterol level is less influenced with the foods that contain cholesterol as compared to individual factors such as gender, ethnicity, and functions of hormones. Egg yolks contain good protein content, along with different vitamins and nutrients.

Egg Yolk Facts

  •  Nutrients vary between eggs
  • In egg yolks, most of the nutrients of whole eggs are present, according to research
  • Usually, animal source food may contain potential health risk, and same is true for eggs

How is Egg Yolk Beneficial for Skin?

Egg yolk contains fats and water. It is an excellent water-binding agent that retains moisture into skin cells, leaving skin supple and soft. Egg yolk face mask nourishes hydrate and moisturizes flaky skin.

  • Egg yolk has proteins. It is a building block for the skin. It promotes elasticity of skin and repairs it.
  • Egg yolk keeps skin tissue healthy
  • Vitamin A in egg yolk heals flaky, dry, and itchy skin
  • Vitamin B2 in egg yolk keeps radicals away from the skin
  • It contains Vitamin B3 that hydrates skin and treats inflammatory conditions
  • It contains zinc that acts as an anti-aging agent and also treats pimples and acne

egg yolk face mask

Why Egg Yolk Face Mask?

Use a ripe avocado, yogurt, and egg yolk. Blend them well and apply on skin. Avocado moisturizes dry skin, hydrate it and provide healthy fats.

You will get a smooth and supple skin after washing the face. Yogurt has live culture, antibiotic properties and can clean acne-causing bacteria.

Use egg yolk with honey and almond oil. Honey is antiseptic and has antibacterial properties. It reduces swelling from pimples and hydrates skin.

Almond oil is perfect for acne treatment. It heals flaky skin and rejuvenates it.

Use banana and olive oil with egg yolk. Olive oil is natural Botox. It retains moisture in skin cells. Banana contains a high content of vitamin A that clears skin’s free radicals and prevents skin from wrinkles.

Benefits of Egg Yolk Face Mask

These easy and do-it-yourself egg yolk face masks are perfect skin cure. Eggs are fruitful as deep cleansing treatments.  Skin needs care, and organic treatment always proves worthy of it.

No matter, if the skin is oily, dry, sensitive or rough, egg yolk can deal with it. 

Now, have a look on the fruitfulness of these egg yolk face masks:

Tightening Pores

Egg yolk face mask is helpful to reduce or tighten open pores of the skin. Moreover, egg white can clean skin by removing dirt from the surface and yields perfect skin glow.

Nourishing Skin

Egg yolk due to rich properties of vitamin A and protein help nourishing skin. This treatment is best to use on dry skin because it leaves soft and silky texture. Egg yolk with oatmeal is a good scrub for oily skin.

Treatment of Acne

Egg yolk face mask is a solution to treat acne scars. When combined with yogurt, honey or avocado, the mask offers smoothness. Due to anti-bacterial properties, skin gets rejuvenated.

Deep Cleansing

Egg in the form of white or yolk provides deep cleansing. It clears the debris and dirt from skin pores. This provides an instant glow and shines on the skin surface.


Egg yolk face mask is a best anti-aging treatment that you can do at home. Due to tightening of pores, skin looks younger. Its astringent properties refine skin.

Be frugal, stay smart and look younger. This is how you can solve your skin issues from the kitchen. By using the egg yolk face mask on a regular basis, you will get facial like treatments. The egg can work wonderfully for all skin types.

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