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Ginseng Benefits: A Perfect Body Health

Ginseng Benefits: A Perfect Body Health

Ginseng, a Chinese herb, is the widely researched and most popular herb on this planet, if you call it a natural cure, it will not be any exaggeration.

This all-heal natural herb has agreed on benefits for health. Native Americans use it as a remedy for a headache and as the infertility treatment.

We’ll tell you here, why science clamor for it.

Ginseng Facts:

It’s 11 species are known, and the name ‘ginseng’ referred to Korean, American or Asian herb, depending on the growth conditions.

Origin of its plant is from Panax family or Panax genus, known for several distinctive functions.

The herb contains natural and beneficial compound ginsenosides; for its medical use scientific investigation is in process. Research studies described different capabilities of ginseng, below. 

Ginseng, is useful if grown for not less than six years. It is endangered species at wild level and grown at farms to avoid over-harvesting risk.

It has yellow-green flowers; leaves grow in a circular shape and flowers resemble the umbrella. Red berry is its fruit, with aging, the plant gets wrinkles.

As the plant gets old, becomes more precious, as its benefits lie among old roots.

It contains several pharmacological elements, i.e. a series of tetracyclic triterpenoid saponins, polyphenolic compounds, polyacetylenes and acidic polysaccharides.

Role of Ginseng for Health

It is a Mood Booster. According to the Brain Performance and Nutrition Research Centre, this herb is used for the treatment of reducing stress and boosting mood.

It is capable of improving mental function and patients, sometimes, responded to mental arithmetic. It is safe to use for stress-induced disorders for its proven Calmness and anti-stress properties.

Panax ginseng’s 100 mg dose showed the reduction in the weight of adrenal gland, ulcer index and plasma glucose levels, certified by Division of Pharmacology UK.

It improves Brain Function. With the better cognitive activities, ginseng stimulates brain cells and helpful in Alzheimer’s disease; it improves mental performance.

Patients, in South Korea, suffering from Alzheimer’s disease showed improvement after its treatment, and the upscale trend persisted for three months. 

It can promote Weight Loss. If you’re wondering, how to lose weight keep on reading. The best property, it offers for obese people is its appetite suppressant quality.

Such people usually carry out activities that activate their metabolism. Ginseng is beneficial for them to boost the metabolism and that in turn, burn fat cells. 

Daily monitoring habits on meal is crucial for a successful weight loss plan.

It lowers Blood Sugar Level. People with diabetes need to lessen sugar consumption in daily meal habits.

In Maryland University Research Center, people took high sugar drink & ginseng together but showed less increase of blood sugar level.

The study demonstrated that it could lower blood sugar levels; individuals with type II diabetes can consume it safely.

It has Anti-Inflammatory properties.  As it is a part of China’s tradition, they tend to use it against inflammation.

Hong Kong University Researchers identified seven elements in ginseng that can have the active role on anti-inflammation with the immune suppressive impact.

It reduced inflammatory cytokines in kids, after chemotherapy, who are suffering from cancer.

It promotes Mental Well-Being. Green tea pours relaxing impact on body and mind.

Ginseng improves your overall well being, satisfaction level, boosting energy levels, sleep conditions and sex life.

Those, who are suffering from depression and anxiety, can best treat themselves by ginseng tea. 

The best Chinese herbal formula is Kai Xin San, in which ginseng is the central element for treating depression and regulating the dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine levels. 

It stimulates Strength and Endurance. The most well-known property of ginseng is generating energy.

It’s positive tendency to create fresh mood and enhance strength is popular for thousands of years.

People coping with fatigue and want a simple diet formula to needing to add this in their meal to get a boost in physical performance.

It will keep you Young. Seems kind of attractive property and a belief in China that ginseng will promote longevity of life and you will be young inside and outside by its consumption.

Its oral usage makes you look healthy, best for skin care and wrinkle reduction.

It treats baldness in males, when applied topically. It also regulates blood circulation to all the body organs. Good for mortality reduction, its demand is higher among middle-aged men.

It is capable to Boost Immune System. By increasing immune cells within blood, ginseng offers a healthy immune level.

General illness, cold or flu, and its length are easy to treat with its help. The effectiveness of vaccines and relief from chronic fatigue syndrome boosts up by its active ingredients.

It prevents from Cancer. The potent anti-cancer properties of this herb are renowned.

It stops production of growth cells and improves immune function by involving natural killer cells and T cells.

This mechanism leads to the creation of phenomena like apoptosis, oxidative stress, and angiogenesis.

It is capable of improving Lung Function. Lung bacteria is easy to treat, a study conducted on rats when they used ginseng; showed reduction in cystic fibrosis growth-lung infection.

This is not a single study, past research experiments endorsed it, and lungs clearance from bacterial infection is proved.

If you have gone through interesting properties of ginseng, it is time to get a glimpse, how to use ginseng. The most popular method is to use this herb in tea.

People of China are using this tea for over five thousand years as herbal medicine. It is wise to know first the type of herb; you intend to use, for there are several kinds of ginseng.

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