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Healthy Diet: Know the Best Time to Eat Lunch

Best time to eat lunch

Best time to eat lunch

During work and meetings, it is easy to eat snacks and cookies but wait. Do you want to lose weight and keep maintaining healthy diet?

If yes, then these practices are not for you. It is quite easy to work in the afternoon without having lunch and even after realizing that you have not had your lunch yet.

Or in the other way, you are in office and considering all is fine with the grilled chicken you took from home, right?

No, this is not the same way. According to a research study, to maintain a healthy diet you must need to know the best time to eat lunch, i.e. before 3 pm, but wait, before get to know each tid-bits of healthy diet, it is important to know the factors for a healthy diet.


Human body contains more than 70% of water and that is imperative to maintain through taking plenty of water.

Two glass of Luke warm water with herbal tea, lemon or honey is the best solution to maintain a good weight. It will not only activate metabolism but also will pave the way to accelerate appetite.

Scientifically, it is the role of circadian rhythms that control hunger. Whole body processing is dependent on this internal clock.

If you eat late, whole cycle get disturbed and body takes a lot time and difficulty to process the calories. This is how, it is essential to know the best time to eat lunch.


In case, if you have enjoyed the balanced meal, i.e. protein and carbohydrates, you are likely to feel hunger just 2-3 hours later.

Quick hunger represent body’s efficiency to absorb food, it is merely a good thing. To satisfy this hunger, 150-200 calorie food is sufficient only to enjoy by that time.

To eat by that time, more than this amount of calories would definitely lose your lunch capacity. To get that correctly, it is better to know the best time to eat lunch.

Know the Exact!

Being realistic one, if you want to wait to be more ravenous, that salad thing would be less appealing and you will crave for the cookies in the office table. 01 pm is the best time when you start feeling craving for anything.

This strong level of hunger needs proper satisfaction that snacks and cookies can’t do. It is imperative to consume more of your body’s calories during first half of the day. That reflects the significance of lunch right at 1 or after 1 pm.

After 2 to 3 pm it would not be suitable to eat lunch. It is necessary to maintain the nutritional balance in the body. Furthermore, lunch items must include salad, protein rich food or meat.

Good meal options that contain well quantity of vitamins and nutrients is best serving human body. To get an optimal metabolism level you need to know the best time to eat lunch, otherwise optimal functioning of metabolism is not possible.

Bottom Line

Sometimes, folks do not care about the time and keeps on grazing through cookies, and snacks that destroy the optimal hunger level, hence lunch timing does not prove effective that much.

This caring approach will lead you towards a balanced healthy diet plus offering weight sustenance. After enjoying the balanced lunch, body needs some sweetish element to get a favorable energy.

To accomplish that, light sugary snacks or cookies are the best options to take with tea or coffee. Once you are accustomed to this routine, you will less likely to be a victim of weight gain.


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