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Healthy Hair Growth: The Best Sources

Healthy Growing Hair

Get healthy growing hair

Food is the best source to attain minerals and protein, which are crucial for healthy hair growth. The best and healthiest diet for growing hair includes a variety of fruits and vegetables, dry fruits, and protein-rich foods. By including these foods in your diet, you can ensure that your hair receives the necessary nutrients to grow strong and healthy.

Dry Fruits and Vegetables

Walnuts, peanuts, flaxseeds, fish, avocado, and seeds are excellent sources of nutrients that nourish the scalp. They contain Omega-3 fatty acids which help to reduce inflammation and promote growth of hair. Other dietary sources of nutrients include brown rice and oats, which contain biotin which is essential for healthy hair and scalp.

Protein requirements

Keratin is a necessary protein for hair, and methyl-sulfonyl-methane (MSM) promotes the production of keratin. Research shows that MSM supplements can be effective in promoting healthy growth and reducing hair fall within just six months.

Vitamin B-6 complex

Vitamin B-6 complex is another effective natural remedy for promoting healthy hair growth. By consuming 100 mg of B-6 daily along with biotin, you can improve scalp circulation and prevent hair loss.

Collagen fibers

Collagen fibers play a crucial role in maintaining strong and hair growth. The human body produces collagen, which is primarily obtained from vitamin C. Fruits such as citrus, oranges, strawberries, and red pepper are excellent sources of vitamin C.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an excellent supplement for promoting healthier hair and preventing hair loss. Iron-rich foods, such as molasses, figs, berries, and green vegetables, also help to boost healthy hair.

Natural oils

Natural oils, such as coconut oil, mustard oil, rosemary oil, lavender, and jasmine, are effective in promoting healthy hair and preventing hair loss. Applying these oils to the hair and scalp is an excellent treatment for promoting growth of hair.


The best way to promote healthy growth of hair is by maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, rich in minerals, protein, and nutrients. Incorporating dry fruits, vegetables, and protein-rich foods into your diet, along with natural supplements and oils, will help you achieve strong, healthy hair.


Q. What is the best source of minerals and protein for healthy hair?

A. Food is the best source of minerals and protein for healthy hair. A balanced diet, including fruits and vegetables, fish, nuts, and seeds, is crucial for attaining necessary nutrients for hair health.

Q. What vitamins are essential for hair?

A. Vitamin B-6, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C are some of the essential vitamins for growth of hair. First, helps in accelerating blood circulation to the scalp, while Vitamin E helps in repairing damaged hair. Vitamin C is a source of collagen that helps in strengthening hair.

Q. What role does MSM play in healthy hair?

A. MSM (Methyl-sulfonyl-methane) is a crucial element in producing keratin, a necessary protein for hair growth. MSM supplements are effective in reducing hair fall and promoting healthy hair.

What are the best natural oils for healthy hair?

A. Coconut oil, mustard oil, rosemary oil, lavender, and jasmine are some of the best natural oils for healthy hair. Regular application of these oils on hair and scalp can help prevent hair fall and accelerate growth of hair.

Are dry fruits and vegetables beneficial for hair health?

A. Yes, dry fruits and vegetables, such as walnuts, peanuts, flaxseeds, fish, avocado, and seeds, are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, which help in reducing inflammation of the scalp and promoting hair growth.

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