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Human Growth Hormone and Its Benefits

If you are a sports lover, you know about human growth hormones. Once it reaches the body, it stays there for a few minutes and allows the liver to convert it into growth factors, i.e., the best form of growth factor is insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1). It provides support for every cell in the body.

The pituitary gland produces growth hormone. The growth hormone test is helpful to measure the amount of human growth hormone in the blood.

This hormone is peculiar to growth rate and contributes to energy. Its amount in the body varies and depends on fitness, exercise, diet, and emotional stress.

Too much growth hormone causes a state in children, i.e., gigantism. Too little growth hormone causes less growth in children, and this state is dwarfism. 

A high level of growth hormone in adults is due to a noncancerous tumor of the pituitary gland, and it is responsible for large bones of the face, hands, jaws, and feet.

The function of Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Many people think that the human growth hormone substance will make them look youthful and remain fit, but according to expert opinion, this is not true. These products can do more harm than good.

Human growth hormone (HGH) is functional as a regulator of metabolism, body fluids, bone, and muscle growth. It helps to regulate fat and sugar metabolism as well as heart function.

When produced synthetically, it acts as an active ingredient in different prescription drugs.

human growth hormone

Human Growth Hormone is beneficial for regulating metabolism

Fracture Healing Property

Bone metabolism and mineral regulation need growth factors. HGH is a critical element for healing bones. It plays a crucial role in the wear and tear of bone cells.

Research studies have shown increased healing of wounds and injuries due to HGH. In controlled and administered research at the Medicine Department in California, 28 healthy older men were taken with a low baseline plasma level (IGF-1). Under HGH therapy, the old men showed enhanced collagen deposition as wounds healed.

Weight Loss Property

In a research study, growth hormone responsiveness for weight loss was monitored. It accelerates lipolysis, i.e., lipid breakdown and hydrolysis of triglycerides in free fatty acids and glycerol, while impaired secretion of HGH leads to lipolytic effect loss.

Improved Erectile Dysfunction 

HGH is responsible for the male reproductive system and helps mature sexual activities. Its deficiency causes a loss of sexual desire and erection.

A German study explored this effect on 35 healthy adult males and 45 erectile dysfunction males. The effect of visual stimuli seen on elicit penile tumescence.

This suggested that penile erection is due to HGH due to stimulating activity on cavernosal smooth muscle.

Human Growth Hormone Uses and Abuses

Synthetic human growth hormone was first produced in 1985, and the Food and Drug Administration approved it only for its specific uses in adults and kids.

HGH injections are beneficial to treat short stature and poor growth due to numerous factors. These include:

  • Turner’s syndrome, i.e., a genetic disease that occurs in girls and harms their growth
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Prader-Willi syndrome, a rare genetic disorder, produces low sexual hormones, poor muscle growth, and causes constant hunger.
  • For gestational age, kids born smaller
  • HGH insufficiency or deficiency

HGH for adults

It is good for adults only for the following usage:

  • Deficiency of HGH due to pituitary tumors
  • HIV cure that causes muscle wasting disease
  • Short bowel syndrome, in which nutrients are unable to absorb correctly, due to intestinal disease, and in case of surgical removal of a small intestine portion

Usually, people use human growth hormone in combination with anabolic steroids and drugs, and these uses are not FDA-approved.

Athletes do this to improve their performance and build muscles. The effect of this use on athletic performance is unknown.

Naturally, the body’s HGH level declines with age. Some anti-aging experts suggest that human growth hormone products can reverse the age-related deterioration in the body.

These claims are not true, so HGH use for anti-aging is not FDA-approved.

Some doctors prescribe HGH for off-label purposes; people take injectable HGH; this condition, too, is not approved by the FDA. However, many internet sources, websites, and anti-aging clinics promote it.

Some people purchase HGH sprays and pills because they claim to increase HGH body production.

The companies that produce it claim to get you back on your biological clock by building muscle, reducing fat, and restoring hair color and growth.

Moreover, as shown in TV infomercials, it helps to normalize your blood sugar, improve sexual life, strengthen the immune system, and improve sleep, vision, and memory.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, there is no adequate evidence to support this claim that these products can have the same effect as HGH prescriptions that are provided by injection.

When taken orally, human growth hormone goes to the stomach and is directly absorbed in the body.

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