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Skin Care with Turmeric: How’s It Beneficial?

Skin Care with Turmeric: How’s It Beneficial?

While talking about skin care, beauty products play the frontier role. What if you are told about some perfect herb from home that is capable of working equivalent to an expensive beauty cream or somehow even more than that?

Indeed amusing, we are describing a friendly, cost effective, natural treatment to make your skin glow, shine and soft.

Turmeric, a spice, an herb and more specifically, a beauty treatment is known for centuries. Most of the foods are incomplete without it in Asia and China.

If you know a bit about it, stay tuned because you’ll know much more unrevealed facts about it for skin care.


skin care with turmeric

skin care with turmeric

Why Turmeric?

Turmeric is being known for centuries for fantastic benefits and amazing taste for foods. Folks around the world believe the healing effects, it contains.

Yellow, bright colored spice is from ginger family and used in its whole form, as the ground spice, as supplements and the most important, as the cosmetic agent.

The primary element added in it by nature is curcumin, an active component biologically, which possess anti-oxidant as well as anti-inflammatory properties. Science has proved many potential benefits of turmeric for skin care.

Glow is Part of Skin Care

Your skin needs glow that, if attained, with natural ingredients, would work long term.  Skin treatment, when you need it most, e.g. acne, atopic dermatitis, and alopecia, require some natural extract, rather chemically built medicine.

Turmeric powder works for a long time skin care, through its healing properties and prevention from inflammation. 

Curcumin in turmeric powder reduces the oxidation process and heals wounds, if any present onto your skin surface.

It has an active relation with skin elasticity and collagen; hence boost body power to heal the wounds quick.

Skin Care and Healing

You cannot attain complete skin care until you have a beauty agent that can heal your bruises or scars. For instance, psoriasis, a rough skin disease, caused by internal problems or flares, needs proper care while turmeric helps in healing psoriasis.

Simply add turmeric to your food, or use it as a supplement to get a cure. Similarly, acne scars treated well with the use of turmeric.

It can lessen the scars by its active anti-inflammatory properties that target pores and enhance calmness. Prevent your skin of acne breakouts bring in your skin care.

Control Facial Hair

With all the best effects of turmeric, the superb is controlling of facial hair. For women, facial hair causes embarrassment and they, in any way, want to get rid of it.

If turmeric powder, mixed with other elements, applied to the facial hair, it slows down the growth and eventually stops hair from growing any further.

However, it depends on the nature of hair, growth, and thickness that how much effective turmeric would be.

To use this remedy for facial hair, mix the ½ tablespoon of turmeric powder with one tablespoon of gram flour, add water to make a thick paste.

Allow to dry for 15 minutes and remove it in a circular motion. This scrubbing aids removal of fine hair from your face and works as exfoliating your skin.

Reduce Pigmentation

Skin pigmentation, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation are universal issues with the skin. Your skin needs your attention, to balance the color shades.

For instance, if you are experiencing skin discoloration, turmeric mask may help you. It contributes to providing you even skin tone, lightening acne scars and as a hyperpigmentation treatment.

Skin care is usually attributable to the expensive beauty products and cosmetics. Sometimes, people get them addicted of these products but hesitant to disclose the amount they spend.

Fight Aging Signs

Among many beauty benefits of turmeric, one superb is to slow down the aging process. Since it is an active exfoliating agent, it works perfectly for removing aging signs from the skin surface.

To use it for the said purpose, use turmeric powder along with gram flour, in equal proportions. Add water to make the paste and apply evenly on the body, or wherever your skin needs.

Now, if you are a curious individual about your skin, revise your skin care arsenal.

Mainly this is essentials because you are now going to add a cost-effective cosmetic to your store that is capable enough to compete with expensive beauty products.

Other Skin Conditions

Having said some particular and common skin issues, many other are well treated with turmeric. For instance, oily skin’s excessive oil, a big dilemma for those who are suffering from it, best treated with turmeric.

Being best for ivy and eczema, it reduces itching and inflammation, as it also works as an antiseptic.

The skin care capability of turmeric extends to remove stretch marks. Turmeric powder, in combination with yogurt, gram flour, milk or rosewater, helps deletion of stretch marks and also evens the skin tone.

A mixture of turmeric with coconut oil is beneficial for healing of cracked heels. Excessively dry skin needs moisturization, which is possible by application of this mask.

Use gram flour and turmeric powder and make a paste. Apply it onto the body and scrub gently, while taking a bath.

The regular practice will leave you fresh and spotless skin with the removal of dead cells. Skin care with natural applications is much more convenient than rushing to expensive beauty items.

Research on natural herbs is increasing, and interest in studying turmeric for skin care is even more expanding day by day.

With huge benefits, turmeric brings, its use must be wise and administered. For instance, each has different bodily conditions, skin nature and physical activities, it is, therefore better to see what medications you are using, containing turmeric.

Turmeric has low bioavailability, i.e. human body does not absorb it much, and it burns off faster. In the case of allergy or skin disorder, its direct skin contact may result in irritation or swelling.

Apply it on the forearm, to test, before application on the face.

Also, if you are allergic with turmeric spice in the food, do not go for any experiment on the skin.

Organic skin care is best, when attained at zero cost. Orange and yellow natural products usually contain vitamin C and act as anti-oxidants for the skin. It’s wise to achieve the optimal efficacy of organic products that are positive in the case of financial, skin care and well-being matters.

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