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Top 05 Skin Benefits of Lavender Oil

Are you aware of the benefits of lavender oil for the skin? One of the best essential oils is lavender oil today.

The benefits of this oil were discovered 2,500 years ago. The oil contains powerful antimicrobial, antioxidant, calming, antidepressant, and sedative properties.

Here’s the crux that you need to know about it.

Miracles of Lavender Oil

Egyptians utilized lavender oil as a perfume during the mummification process. This is why it has been used for both therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. 

In modern aromatherapy, the oil is being used as an essential antibacterial element.

The stems and leaves of the plant are suitable for decoction against rheumatism, and digestive system disorders.

In Rome, lavender oil was known for cooking, bathing, and air purification.

Even in the Bible, lavender oil is mentioned as appropriate for healing and anointing.

benefits of Lavender oil

Picking of Lavender


Lavender oil is a popular choice for aromatherapy because of its calming and relaxing properties.

You can diffuse lavender oil in your home or office to create a calming atmosphere, or add a few drops to your bath or shower to help you relax before bed. 


Lavender oil can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions, including acne, eczema, and dry skin.

You can add a few drops of lavender oil to your moisturizer, cleanser, or face mask, or apply it directly to affected areas.


Lavender oil can help to promote hair growth and reduce dandruff.

You can massage a few drops of lavender oil into your scalp before washing your hair, or add it to your shampoo or conditioner.


Lavender oil has been shown to improve sleep quality.

You can diffuse lavender oil in your bedroom before bed, or add a few drops to your pillowcase.


Lavender oil can help to reduce anxiety and stress.

You can diffuse lavender oil in your home or office, or apply it to your wrists or temples.

Besides skin and healthy body, lavender oil is used to make:

  • Tea
  • Syrups
  • Lemonades
  • Baking, and
  • Aromatic beverages

For particular skin purposes, this oil is the main component in gels, lotions, infusions, baby products, soaps, and candles.

skin benefits of lavender oil

Lavender Oil for Skin

Types of Lavender

Lavender oil is an extract of lavender leaves, and its process involves steam distillation. Basically, there are two main types of lavender plants.

French Lavender

The French lavender has narrow leaves and produces small flowers of dark color. It is pleasant, aromatic and fragrant.

Spike Lavender

The spike lavender has broad leaves, and it contains camphor and cineol. Due to these components, it appears less pleasant. However, this kind offers thrice quantity of oil than French lavender.

1.  Skin Treatment

The most important skin benefits of lavender oil include the treatment of acne and eczema. It offers natural ingredients that soothe stubborn acne troubles.

Due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, it can fight acne-producing bacteria well.

From University of Maryland medical center, it is clear that lavender oil is used by aromatherapists to treat acne.

Eczema is problematic and itchy, but lavender oil can treat it too.  It adds moisturizer to itchy areas of skin and accelerates the process of healing.

Different environmental pollutants affect the skin and produce toxins but no worries.

Lavender can rescue by its powerful antioxidants that can detoxify skin.

If you are facing such issues, simply apply some amount of lavender oil on acne blemishes with cotton and leave.

2. Accelerates Healing Process

Another amazing skin benefit of lavender oil is its healing power. Due to antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agents, it can heal signs, wounds, and burns.

It relieves pain and diminishes scars. Sometimes, insect bites mess up daily activities, but your handy lavender oil can help you.

Pouring a few drops on gnaw or insect bite will decrease itching and swelling significantly. Lavender oil is also a good traditional insect repellant.

In an Australian study, the clinical properties of lavender oil proved to provide the fact it is perfect to use for children (not for those below 2 years of age) against insect bites.

3. Promotes Glowing Healthy Skin

Due to the proven antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of lavender oil, it is rational to use it for the healthy and glowing skin.

Preferably, it should be mixed with carrier oils like jojoba, coconut, and grapeseed oil.

It can heal canker sores that occur due to an allergic situation, and help soothe skin condition.

Due to its relaxing properties, it offers a pleasant impact on mood and brain.

Age spots, scars, acne, and aging issues are perfectly treated by lavender oil.

The benefits of lavender oil profound when you mix with other oil and massage it well on the problematic area.

Use it as the face wash, body wash, before sleeping, and before taking a shower for best results. Any dark spots and signs of aging will remove with this treatment.

4. Preventing Wrinkles

The skin benefits of lavender oil are not complete until the wrinkle issue is taken into account. The powerful lavender oil is superior to prevent your skin from aging and wrinkles.

Since it is potent in antioxidants attributable to keep skin healthy, it offers phytochemicals that can destroy free radicals of skin.

Pollution, stress, and environmental factors produce free radicals that can damage skin freshness.

The antioxidants in lavender oil help protect dark age spots, wrinkles, and fine lines.

Younger complexion with improved skin tone is easy with lavender oil due to its moisturizing.

5. Reduce Stress

From different medical research centers, it is clear that lavender oil is a pedestal for the protection of the brain.

Traditionally, it was famous for stress removal, anxiety, and depression.

Dermatologist says prevention of stress and anxiety has a better impact on healthy skin.

Silexan is to prevent anxiety and stress and utilizes lavender oil.  In addition to this, diffusing this oil into homes adds pleasantness and reduces stressful environment. 

Miscellaneous Benefits of Lavender Oil

Besides the skin benefits of lavender oil, it has numerous potent properties for the healthy body.    

Lavender oil is functional and productive, some of its benefits for the body are:

  • Reduce anxiety and emotional stress
  • Protection against diabetes
  • Improves sleep condition
  • Improves brain functioning
  • It helps to heal wounds and burns
  • Restores skin tone
  • Reduces acne due to powerful antioxidants
  • Slows down the aging process
  • Reduces headaches and pains

Lavender Oil for Daily Life

Due to certain health and skin benefits of lavender oil, you must incorporate it into your daily routine.

How to Incorporate it in Routine

  • Use it with a diffuser to make the home environment pleasant and perfumed
  • Add 2-3 drops of lavender oil in the bathtub to reduce stress and relax the mind
  • Spray lavender spritz on bed and pillow to get sound and comfy sleep
  • Add lavender to the wardrobe to keep clothes away from the smell
  • Use lavender tea by boiling culinary-grade lavender in distilled water
  • Make lip balm with lavender oil that will be natural and chemical-free

The whole description of the health and benefits of lavender oil proves it potent and supreme. Why not add this economical, natural, and potential remedy to your lives today?

Due to its rich properties, you will surely love to add it in salad dressings, grain-free muffins, and teas. Love your life and love nature.

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