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Top 5 Ways to get Clear Skin

clear skin tips

Tips to get clear skin

Having flawless and picture perfect skin is desirable for each and every women. it adds not only beauty to one’s personality but also is the main element of self esteem.

Clear skin makes you feel great while priding on looks. The question is how to get the clear skin easy way?  Is it really possible to get sparkle on the face just like the celebrities?

The answer is yes, it is quite possible to get Clear skin like the way you want. You simply keep on reading this blog and you’re going to get the answer with clear solution.

Main Determinants of Clear Skin

The lifestyle, skin care regimen and eating habits are main players on the scene. There are some causative agents yet, that play havoc to skin care, such as sleep deficiency, stress, pollution, malnutrition, sunburn, drinks, and smoking.

To get glowing and clear skin, promised by many skin care products is sometimes fail to produce desired results. Besides, all that natural care is the best solution.

1- Clear skin through Cleansing

Cleansing in many forms is very helpful to get a clear skin. It is necessary to free the skin from radicals, harmful elements of makeover and other impurities.

Washing the face thrice a day with a best cleanser that has salicylic acid of 2% is best way to have a clear skin. Many gel solutions and cleansers are available in the market but to use the nature products will serve you significantly.

Simply take a lemon and squeeze it into the 2 tbs of honey, mix well and apply over the skin surface. Washing after ten minutes with Luke warm water will leave you the smooth and clearer skin.

Avoid too many products to apply on the skin, since it damages skin cells as these products possess different chemicals. To make a clear tone of skin, avoid scrubbing and fighting with your skin.

2-Enjoy Aloe Vera for a Clear Skin

It is a common natural element that every second beauty product uses. Indeed, it serves as the superior skin care element. it has many benefits, i.e. skin smoother, anti-inflammatory, removes impurities from skin and has astringent properties.

These features of aloe Vera help reducing scars over skin, giving a glow on the skin and these elements contributes to get a clear skin. Even if you want to apply any other mask onto skin, after removing it, simple apply the removed gel from aloe Vera leaf and apply it to the whole face with cotton or finger.

Washing after an hour with Luke warm water will leave you that beautiful and smooth skin that you crave for.  It not only helps you getting a clear skin but also stimulates the growth of skin cells.

 Whether your skin is oily, moderate or dry, this perfect remedy suits each tone and provide amazing results.

3-Avoid Popping the Zits

How it is possible that you tend to scrubbing your skin while wishing or a clear skin?

Squeezing and scrubbing often proves harmful. It is the main obstacle to get a clear skin, since popping the zits put pressure on blood veins of the skin and the problem may aggravate in the form of infection.

In this way, scar becomes prominent hence causing black and ugly spot on the skin. According to dermatologists, if you have some pimple on the skin surface, avoid touching it, instead apply any ointment on it and leave to heal.

Automatic healing process yields you a clear skin and there would be no chance of inflammation. Scarring is a result of more acne, and this in turn is due to popping and scrubbing the skin.

4-Eating Healthy

How much eating healthy is significant? It is the mainstream that plays integral to get clear skin fast. Eating fruits, vegetables and taking juices are crucial for not only health but also for skin.

They provide compulsory vitamins and nutrients that help skin to remove impurities, good blood circulation, and nourishing skin cells. It also is significant to build collagen, i.e. material for skin rejuvenation.

In this way, your body would be able to get hydration, nourishment and acquaint the necessary elements. Internal hydration and moisturizing plays far significant role than external applications.

5-Skin Protection

 Application of all natural remedies can only work if skin protection is good. Protection from sun rays, ultraviolet rays and pollution is essential in order to get a clear skin.

Skin protection is also in a sense from artificial beauty products that claims to provide perfect skin rather harm it.  As much you care for skin, it gets more sensitive and needs more protection.

This may be done in summers in the form of sunscreen and in winters through applying moisturizers.

For sun protection, the best is SPF 30 or more and go for those who do not clog pores such as noncomedegenic.

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