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Very Common Skin Diseases and Conditions

To get a flawless skin, it is crucial to know common skin diseases and its symptoms. How you can know about common skin diseases and its symptoms? What do you need to recognize? Here’s everything explained.

Apparently, any bump, dry patch or rashes are perplexing. They can be anxiety-inducing in severe cases. 

Though some of such common signs are harmless yet annoying, if you see something unusual, it is a condition of medical concern.

If you will know the round-up of common skin diseases, you can decode the annoying rash.

The conditions that clog, irritate and inflame the skin can cause burning, swelling, redness, and itching.

The genetic makeup, irritants, immune system problems and certain allergens can cause common skin diseases. Some of such disease like acne can affect the shape of the skin.

The list of signs given here may be useful to treat such conditions, though it is not a substitute for the doctor’s advice.

The Common Skin Diseases and Problems


A skin issue that occurs due to oily glands is acne. In this condition, skin pore secrets the oil. The substance sebum is developed by the glands.

Skin pores connect to the gland through follicle. If this follicle in skin gland clogs, a pimple develops. The most common skin disease is acne and a research estimate has shown that 80% of people get acne developed on the skin at any stage of life.

If early treatment is taken, acne scars can be prevented. In such case, the doctor may prescribe over the counter drugs.

Atopic Dermatitis

The most common skin disease Eczema is also known as atopic dermatitis. About 15% people experience eczema in childhood (in some people, t appears before age 5).

It runs in families who suffer from allergies like from hay fever, asthma, and allergic rhinitis. This situation appears in dry and itchy skin with rashes on face, elbow, behind knees, and on limbs.

Bacterial infection

Another common skin disease is a bacterial infection that can vary from mild to very serious medical conditions.

Dermatologists report that one from every five people has a bacterial infection. Since skin is a penetrable barrier, it is essential to focus on this issue and get awareness about it.

Foremost important is hand washing that can treat several kinds of infections.

Streptococcus is the most common bacteria that spread infection. Impetigo is a common bacterial infection that is contagious and attacks on children.  At the start, it appears like chicken pox, pus-filled spots.

In folliculitis, hair follicles get an infection. It may occur when a lot of time is spent in the hot tub and the responsible bacterium is Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Carbuncles or furuncles is boil of skin. It is an infection due to bacteria that begins in the follicle of hair.

Cellulitis a bacterial infection related to deep layers in the skin. It occurs in case of a compromised immune system and may be a serious health issue.

Erysipelas is also known as, ‘St. Anthony’s Fire’ and occurs on the superficial skin layers. It causes a lot of pain.


The itchy red bumps on the skin surface are hives. It can occur due to some drug allergy or food reaction.

Allergic people are more prone to get hives. Stress and infections are the leading causes. The hives are among common skin diseases that need medical attention in severe cases.


A very serious condition is life-threatening cancer of skin. Its main rule is ‘ABCD’ i.e. watch out moles on the skin as:

Asymmetry: One half of the mole doesn’t match with another half in shape

Border: The edges of the moles appear irregular, ragged and blurred

Color: The uneven color of the mole may take shades of brown, black or tan

Diameter: The consistent increase in its size is clear

Melanoma condition is a common skin disease that appears in different conditions. People with melanoma undergo biological therapy, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.

Herpes Simplex

The Herpes Simplex Virus is mainly of two types, HS Virus -1 and HS Virus-2.

HSV1- usually caused when cold sores occur and HSV2-occurs by genital sores, but in some conditions, they overlap. A generalized infection is more likely to develop in people with poor immune systems and in that case, HSV1 takes the form of cold sores.

The herpes virus may also assume the form of chickenpox. Children who experienced chickenpox at early childhood are at higher risk of later developing shingles. The shingle rash is present at one region of the body, i.e. dermatome (supplied by a nerve).

Shingles cause pains first then a rash appears that is usually very painful. Anti-virals can treat the pain and rashes.


A common skin disease condition exhibited by swelling and scaling is psoriasis. Mostly, psoriasis results in silver scales and thick patches with red skin.

These patches may be sore or itchy upon feel. Most loved places of psoriasis are knees, elbows, legs part, lower back, scalp, feet sole and palms.

This skin condition is hard to distinguish from other skin disease and doctor need to analyze skin sample under a microscope. The treatment of disease is arrtributable to its seriousness.

Rosacea and Wrinkles

Frequent rashes and redness of the skin, little red lines, and inflamed skin are features of Rosacea. It needs a thorough medical examination as well as history. If it is controlled well in time, it can be cured.

Wrinkles are the common phenomenon of aging.

As skin ages, wrinkles appear on the skin, but there are many other causes that can develop wrinkles, besides the aging factor.

Sunlight exposure, smoking and beauty products can aggravate the process of aging. Also, caring for the dry skin can help reduce wrinkles over time.

This list of common skin diseases provides a detailed insight into issues that appear frequently to everyone at any stage of life. If you observe any such sign or symptoms, don’t ignore it.

Early discussion with a doctor may help to prevent potential skin diseases and increase your well-being.

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