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Use Virgin Olive Oil for Healthy of You


Health benefits of Virgin Olive Oil

Fatty diet is controversial, people argue about animal fat, plant fat and seeds oils but one consensus oil is present on the earth, on which everyone agrees.

The traditional fat availed from this source is healthy, well nourishing and proven. This renowned dietary staple is virgin olive oil. Amazing health benefits of this oil are worth to know.

It contains the wonderful flavor and for this special reasons its good ingredient for salads, fish, pastas and rice. Luckily, it is available round the year to promote wellness and satisfy your taste buds.

What is Virgin Olive Oil?

It is the best extract of olives; when pressed, oil comes out. This particular type of oil is pure and virgin olive oil.

While when this oil mixed with chemicals and gets diluted, is impure, it is wise to check first whether it is pure. This oil, when extracted through natural methods sufficiently meets sensory quality standards.

Why Virgin Oil?

Virgin oil is distinctive oil among all others, being very healthy; it is rich in phenolic antioxidants. This oil is truly nutritious, effective and capable to nourish, so recommended as a healthy diet.

It contains modest quantity of vitamin K and E and healthy fatty acids. Saturated fatty acids amounts to 13%, omega-6 is 9%, monosaturated fats 73% and omega 3 is up to 0.76%.

These ingredients are active biologically and help treating diseases.

It contains anti-inflammatory oleocanthal, and anti-oxidants oleuropein- element that prevents cholesterol from oxidation.

It prevents from chronic inflammation that causes several disorders like Alzheimer, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and arthritis.

Add Taste to Your Foods:

When it comes to cook benefits of virgin olive oil, there is a safety certificate from nutritionist. It’s full of monosaturated, healthy fats that help reducing unhealthy fats, hence lessen the risk of stroke and cardiovascular disorders.

Olive oil is safe for healthy cooking and frying. It serves best for adding in salads, light frying vegetables and sautéing.

Among variety of foods made of virgin olive oil, some main and famous categories are: appetizers, desserts, beverages, dressings, salads, soups and sauces.

These dishes are good for healthy diet and it is also best for weight loss recipes.

Those who love, potatoes, fried snacks and salads can happily use virgin olive oil. Beans of every type can be sautéed in it to add fresh and yummy flavor.

It smells perfect and adds a wonderful taste to food. Roasted sprouts taste great when cooked with olive oil. Steamed dishes, mushrooms and broccoli are good option when cooked with it.

These fresh recipes not only make you healthy but when used continuously in foods, makes you look smart, since it rejuvenates skin and gives you healthy glowing skin.

Other oils contain oxidized fats that may be linked to various inflammation diseases.

Virgin olive oil, upon comparing with other oils, proved to be of superior nature, in terms of protection against stress and hazardous impacts.

Refined oils are effective ones, they are best to use for frying and reuse. Olive oil also has low smoking point for that it cannot smoke at higher temperature unlike other oils.

It is a fact that as much as lower ratio of free fatty acid will be, higher will be the temperature at which oil starts smoking.

This is how, best quality and standard only provided by olive oil and with its unique features of cooking and external use, it is super best to use.

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