Top Five Weight Loss Foods You Never Know


Top Five Weight Loss Foods

Top Five Weight Loss Foods You Never Know

Everyone in their life wishes to spend great time, enjoying magical remote control of their life that can make the best pats of life stay longer and eliminating the worst parts. When it comes to enjoy life with best things you are blessed with, your body is at forefront. Most desirable body is lean, skinny and with perfect figure that can appeal everyone. How to avail the required figure is near with best weight loss foods.

 It’s a famous saying that slow and steady wins the race and a reality also. Petite figure, mostly desired by women is not a big deal, however, if you have gained pounds over and want to lose weight, that’s really a matter of concern. But, wait a moment; what are you eating those days to avoid putting on extra pounds matters most. Food serves the basic element to make you look younger, appealing and to have an attractive figure. What are the best weight loss foods that you can go for?


Raw Version of Cocoa Powder

To have any food, remember that its antioxidants should remain in it. For cocoa powder, raw form is best to use. It is in super weight loss foods that contain minimal calories but loaded impacts on body. It provides zero fats and available with strong flavor of chocolate. The significant factor is flavonoids that boost blood circulation towards heart, hence lowering the blood pressure. Cocoa powder, in its non-alkalized form is best to lose weight.


Legumes and Beans

Why not to focus on lentil health? This is really essential ingredient for your body, with its required fibers, body attains proper food. Since no calories are present in it, this is in the best weight loss foods. Legumes serve as essential diet to lose weight. It tends to lowers cholesterol level and increase the blood regulation. Chickpeas, lentil, beans and peas are necessary part of food and must be used throughout the week.


Boiled Potatoes

Boiled potato and sweet potato are really wonderful in taste, and rich in protein. Plant based food is full of protein and fiber that definitely satisfy your hunger while igniting the metabolic fire. It also torches the calories when you chew and you will be having slimmer look soon, but to add them weight loss foods is necessary.



If you are surprising to see this food in the weight loss foods list, it is not a thing to. When you are craving for chicken and beef, yet avoiding them for not to put on pounds, consider this meal. It not only serves meat taste but also super healthy, ignite metabolism and provides a few calories. It’s worth to eat with salads and soup for weight loss.


Avocado Oil

Want to have a fat belly but tired of finding remedies? Stay tuned, here you will got the best remedy to lose belly fat. Research studies have shown that avocado oil is among best weight loss foods that serve 20% reduction in fat belly. With a meal, aided with avocado oil, you will see fat reduction from belly in just one month. Adding just 3 tbs to your meal will serve you a healthy diet, whereby making you burn fat fast.

Slimming super foods are indeed powerhouse for body, since they covers basic needs of body while providing essential nutrients and minerals. All the natural weight loss foods need you to add them in daily meals alternatively.



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