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Is Popcorn Good For Losing Weight?

Everyone of you think is popcorn good for losing weight? Popcorn is a whole-grain snack with high fiber content. It has fewer calories than other packaged snack meals, is good for digestion, and contains some nutrients like potassium and iron.

So, can popcorn play a role in a successful weight-loss plan?

Unfortunately, popcorn is usually cooked with oil and topped with butter, which adds a lot of calories and fat to the mix.

Salt and fat can also cause overeating by triggering addictive behavior. When trying to lose weight, oily or buttered popcorn is a bad choice.

Is Popcorn Good For Losing Weight?

It is important to understand that different kinds of popcorns as snacks are not good to lose weight. Before moving forward, here is some detail about kinds of popcorns.

Air-popped Popcorn

Air-popped popcorn has a high-calorie density even without oil or butter. Calorie density refers to the number of calories in a pound of food.

“Low-calorie dense foods (fruits, vegetables, starchy vegetables, whole grains, and legumes) are the most filling and nutrient-dense,” according to the UC Davis website.

They offer recommendations for selecting foods with the lowest calorie density.

With a calorie density of roughly 1750 calories per pound, air-popped popcorn falls between the orange “restricted consumption” and red “extremely limited consumption” categories.

Because of its high fiber content, a classification of “Limited Consumption” is appropriate.

Consider that limiting intake may be difficult due to the ease with which popcorn can be overeaten.

 A cup of popcorn may be enough to provoke an addictive response to overeating in general in those with addictive behavior.

Is Popcorn Good For Losing Weight?

Weight Loss Miracle

Nutritional Information

There are 27 calories of saturated fat, and 60 calories total in a cup of movie theatre popcorn.

An equivalent amount of air-popped popcorn has 31 total calories and 0.5 calories of saturated fat.

You can save 530 calories of saturated fat and 580 total calories by eating the same amount of air-popped popcorn as the large size at the movies.

In addition to reducing saturated fat and total calories, eating fat-free microwaveable popcorn instead of microwaveable movie-theater popcorn reduces saturated fat and total calories.

One serving of movie-theater popcorn, for example, includes 67 calories of saturated or trans fat and 180 total calories.

However, one serving of the 94 percent fat-free variation of that brand has only 4.5 calories of saturated fat, no trans fat, and 110 calories in total.

Good Source of Fiber Intake 

The average adult in the United States consumes less than half of the recommended daily fiber intake of 25 to 30 grams.

To put it another way, eating more fiber makes it easier to lose weight.

When the one-quarter cup of uncooked kernels is air-popped, it yields around 8 cups—enough food for an entire night of movie watching—and provides 9.6 grams of fiber or roughly a third of the RDA.

Microwaveable popcorn has nearly the same amount of fiber per cup as butter and oil popcorn.

Still, butter and oil popcorn has much more saturated fat and calories, negating the fiber benefit.

Dried corn kernels are used to make popcorn. Yes, it has several nutrients and can be helpful to your health.

However, it does include carbs, which is why keto dieters should limit their portion sizes. So far, you have got the idea is popcorn good for losing weight?

 A typical popcorn serving is 3 cups (we’re talking about air-popped popcorn here) –

 It has 18 grams of carbohydrates in it (14 gr of net carbs). As you can see, you may incorporate this movie snack in your daily meal plan even if you follow the keto diet.

It will fit into both a 50-gram daily carbohydrate limit and more restrictive regimens. Popcorn is a plant-based, healthful snack that is also acceptable for vegan diets.

How to Make Healthy Popcorn? 

Popcorn doesn’t have to be unhealthy to be good; there are plenty of ways to flavor ordinary, air-popped popcorn without going off the rails.

Olive oil and a pinch of salt are one of the simplest ways to spice plain popcorn.

For only 40 calories per teaspoon, a couple of tablespoons of high-quality olive oil added to a bowl of popcorn adds a lot of flavors.

To add some zip, a dash of sea salt or a pinch of pepper can be used.

Use a flavored oil like garlic olive oil or basil olive oil if you’re feeling more adventurous.

Try grinding up a tiny amount of fresh kale with a bit of lemon juice, sea salt, and a tablespoon or two of olive oil to make your snack even healthier.

Is Popcorn Good For Losing Weight?

Popcorn a Healthy Snack

Tips to Remember:

  • Use a high-heat oil with a smoke point of at least 350 degrees Fahrenheit, such as avocado oil, olive oil, or coconut oil.
  • Avoid using butter or margarine, as they are high in saturated fat.
  • Don’t overcrowd the pot. If you add too many kernels at once, they won’t all pop.
  • Shake the pot frequently to prevent the kernels from burning.
  • Remove the pot from the heat as soon as the popping slows down. This will help to prevent the popcorn from burning.
  • Season the popcorn to taste with salt, pepper, or other herbs and spices.

Multiple Antioxidant Benefits

It goes without saying that eating popcorn helps you lose weight, but what if we told you that it also has a slew of other health benefits? 

Popcorns include polyphenols, a chemical found in tea and berries, which is a surprising fact.

As a result, it is safe for heart health and reduces the risk of cancer significantly.

Well, popcorn is something that everyone craves whether they have weight issues or not. 

It is an all-loved snack. Movies and popcorns go hand in hand. 

But when you have a weight gain issue, then you have to eat everything according to the calorie limitation your nutritionist has suggested. 

You can make popcorn to that list if you keep it oil and fats-free. Adding flavors and cheese etc. can destroy its usefulness, and it will just be something that should be avoided. 

Out of many snacks, the answer to question is popcorn good for losing weight? is yes. Eating small quantities is the key, and that’s going to help you lose weight.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Does popcorn make you fat?

A. Air-popped, unflavored popcorn is high in fiber and low in calories, fat, and sugar. This indicates that when popcorn is consumed as part of a well-balanced diet, it can aid in weight loss.

Q. Is popcorn good for losing belly fat? 

A. One cup of air-popped popcorn has just over a gram of fiber, 1 gram of protein, and 6 carbs, making it the better belly fat fighter. It’s cholesterol-free, almost fat-free, and only 100-150 calories per five popped cups.

Q. What is the best popcorn for weight loss? 

A. Following are the top 3 on our choice that helps control weight. 

  • Best Buttery Popcorn: Act II Butter Lovers Microwave Popcorn.
  • Best Kettle Corn: Orville Redenbacher’s SmartPop! …
  • Best DIY Popcorn: Orville Redenbacher’s Original Gourmet Yellow Popcorn Kernels.

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