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Eat Walnut Daily: 07 Incredible Benefits

Eat Walnut Daily: 07 Incredible Benefits

According to the knowledge centre, Walnut possesses amazing health benefits with great nutritional background and capable of combating with significant health disorders.

Walnut trees are a widely present in North America, Arizona, California, Iran, and China. This fruit is globe shaped, brain shaped and wrinkly form and apparently divided into two large segments.

Walnut Nutritional Profile:

US Agriculture Department and National Nutrient Database, the single ounce of walnut contains:

  • 0.75 grams sugar
  • 185 calories
  • 3.89 grams carbohydrates
  • 4.32 grams protein
  • 1.9 grams fiber

Besides these essential components, daily nutrient intake is the percentages:

  • Magnesium 11%
  • Copper 22%
  • Manganese 48%
  • Vitamin B6 8%
  • Phosphorus 10%
  • Iron 5%

Nuts possess the good reputation as high-fat food, high-calorie content, high mono & polyunsaturated fats and good protein source.

The healthy combination of fiber, protein, and fats satisfies the craving, make you feel full and render walnut a great snack as compared to highly processed crackers.

Why Include Walnuts in Daily Meal?

Walnuts are brain food, not only due to its appearance but also for its functioning. It is intelligence symbol, for it raises intellect level.

Scientific studies highlighted that daily walnut intake boost brain performance because of omega 3-fatty acids. Furthermore, selenium & iodine stimulates brain functioning.

These nuts are delicious, tasty, crunchy and contains antioxidants. They can merely act as diet supplement; therefore, everyone must include it in a daily diet.

This power food is also associated with boosting stamina of body.  

With high-fat content in walnut, they are likely to become rancid-unpleasant flavor.

Always store them in a dry, cool, and dark place, since that will improve their shelf life. They can stay safe at room temperature for the month and couple of years in a freezer.

For your interest, some exciting tips are here, how to include them in daily diet:

  • use chopped walnuts as a topping for salads
  • Homemade granola is full of nutrients when nuts, dried fruits, and seeds are added
  • Pesto sauce is yummy when prepared with nuts for flatbread or pasta
  • add in yoghurt with chopped fruits, use in dressing

Moreover, gnocchi alfredo with walnuts and spinach, nuts with cinnamon roasted Brussels sprouts, and walnut dip recipe with pomegranate and red pepper are some delicious add-in-meal-items for your interest.

Potential Health Benefits of Walnut:

Plant based foods have numerous health benefits. Adding them to lifestyle will serve many advantages and can reduce a risk of many diseases.

Science has proved that adding plant based nutrition to meal is more likely to reduce the obesity risk, heart disease and diabetes. Scientific research shows these health benefits of walnuts over the years.

Promoting Weight Loss

Clinical Nutrition Asian Pacific Journal revealed that daily nut consumption lifts energy for daily chores. Several trials, using walnut for weight loss in diet showed significant promotion and positive results.

Evident from a weight loss experiment on a woman, who has eaten nuts on a daily basis confirmed a significant reduction in weight as compared to women who ate walnuts once or twice a week. See more for how to lose weight by simple ways.

Boosts Metabolism

Efficient minerals that walnut contains are suitable for metabolism boost. The minerals such as magnesium, zinc, potassium, manganese, calcium and selenium are significant to function.

Metabolic activities such as growth, development, digestion and assimilation, sperm generation and synthesis of nucleic acid speed up by nuts.

benefits of walnuts for health

benefits of walnuts for health

Boosts Bone Health

Copper is abundant in Walnut, its deficiency causes less density of bones and leads to osteoporosis. This disorder contributes to thinner bones, prone to break and less dense.

Still, further research is required to understand the copper effects, its potential benefits as the supplement that can manage and cure osteoporosis. 

Copper supports elastin and collagen maintenance. It helps to replace lost connective tissues of the body and build collagen for the bone continuance.  Without which, joint dysfunction occurs commonly.

Manganese also functions against osteoporosis with copper and calcium. Magnesium plays its role in bone formation and calcium absorption in bones.

Stabilizes Blood Sugar Level

Good news for diabetic patients, they can consume walnut on a daily basis with no weight gain fear, due to the active functioning of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Impact of nuts is evident from many research studies, i.e. diabetes and its risk reduced by nut intake.

A research study on gallstone disease highlighted that nut consumption on a daily basis significantly minimize the possibility of cholecystectomy-removal of a gallbladder. 

Reduce Cancer

Nuts can reduce cancer risk; they can lessen the growth of cancer cells and tumors, due to antioxidants and phenolic compounds.

Research conducted at the University of Portugal evidenced a control on cancer cells when daily intake of Walnut was monitored.

Moreover, phenolic compounds help reducing inflammation on any body parts.

Skin Care

Walnut contains gamma-tocopherol, an antioxidant that functions for lipid solution. Vitamin E protects skin, offer maintenance from radicals and prevents any skin damage.

They are the good source of B-complex, niacin, folate, riboflavin, and panthothenic acid. See more for skin care tips and suggestion.

Astringent Features

When we talk about walnut oil, it has astringent properties. This is of rich aromatic and nutty flavor with a pleasant taste.

This should be used in moderation, and many therapies, such as massage, and aromatherapy use it. In many beauty products and pharmaceutical elements, this oil bears importance.

It’s dressing on salads, pasta, chicken, steaks and turkey makes food yummy, delicious and terrific.

Why not incorporate these particular nuts to your diet today? Surely, it is healthy, proper and required food for your body. Use a natural and unprocessed form of nuts because fried or roasted form may hinder the attributes as compared to its raw form.

35 grams serving of walnut oil offer Vitamin group, B-1 to B-3. It is prudent to consume it in moderate quantity, with varying level. Eating healthy but natural is everyone’s right and variety in eating yields good health. 

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