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Top 5 Best Foods for Diabetes You Should Know

Best foods for diabetes are usually whole foods that are organic, for instance, vegetables and fruits.

These are extra healthy, and nutritious and powerful foods that can help you get complete nutrition as well as lower diabetes risk.

Any complications such as stroke or heart disease can also be dealt with healthy organic foods. To improve your overall health, these top best foods are must to include in your meal plan.

Best Foods for Diabetes

A healthy meal plan is filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains. If you already have these items on your food list, hurray you are on the right track.

This step will surely help you maintaining your sugar level, controlling cholesterol and promoting weight loss.

This list is more helpful for those, who have just initiated a healthy meal plan because it will provide you rich fibers, minerals and vitamins, and antioxidants.

Another good side of this list is that you do not need to cater extra exotic ingredient to shop to get a healthy meal plan.


 A treat that is creamy is yogurt. The delicious and yummy source is full of protein, and calcium. It is best to get bone health, blood vessel functioning and promoting teeth health.

It provides riboflavin which is vitamin B2.


Yummy Yogurt

Probiotic yogurt contains friendly bacteria that promote gut health by aiding lactose intolerance and also prevent undesirable bowel syndrome.

The healthy immune function is attributable to daily intake of yogurt. According to American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, yogurt and cheese support type 2 diabetes prevention.

In a study, 1000 adults with and without diabetes were examined, it is found that those who take daily 55 grams of yogurt have 12% less chance to get this disease.

Probiotic bacteria in yogurt prevent diabetes and lowers cholesterol. Moreover, calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium are also supportive.

For diabetic patients, fat-free, sugar-free or low-fat products are best. They can also go for Greek yogurt (removed liquid yogurt). Planning for a particular meal plan needs you to check out its label of nutrition first.


Nothing is precious for health to eat than a bowl of oatmeal in the morning.

American Diabetic Association says, among different starchy foods, i.e., bagels, sugary cereals and sweet rolls, oatmeal is the nutritious option. It contains 2g fibers in half a cup in cooked form.

Oatmeal is the best secret to keep for breakfast because it contains soluble fibers in extraordinarily high proportion as compared to any other food. It helps significantly with the lower risk of heart disease and LDL cholesterol.

Oatmeal is the first food which possesses specific health claim approved by Food and Drug Administration.


Healthy Oatmeal

Soluble fiber in oatmeal is among the best foods for diabetes that blunt glucose level of blood as well as provides barriers to absorptive surfaces of digestion.

Today’s Dietitian explored that it helps to delay stomach activity.

Various ways are there to choose from oatmeal:

  • Steel cut oatmeal contains thick and dense texture. It is a perfect option for breakfast and only takes 45 minutes to prepare. You can warm it for breakfast if have made earlier. The less processed oats provide low level if the glycemic index that is supportive of controlling blood sugar.
  • Old style oats are thin and get ready within 5 minutes
  • Quick cooking oatmeal is perfect kind of instant food; only you need to add sugar and salt to taste

You can dress your oatmeal with:

  • Chopped nuts
  • Top with berries, pears or bananas
  • Substitute sugar (brown sugar)
  • Dried cherries, dates or raisins


Everyone craves for sweet, especially if it is warm weather; you crave for cold and sweet.

Why not try melon? Watermelon, honeydew, muskmelon, cantaloupe, casaba, Pepino, Crenshaw, and Persian are varieties that can serve this purpose.



Watermelon provides antioxidant lycopene, i.e., protects from cell damage, cancer, and heart disorders. Watermelon is low in cholesterol and saturated fat.

Select a watermelon without dents and bruises and store them at room temperature.

Among best foods for diabetes, honeydew’s 1 cup serving daily (it contains 51% vitamin C of daily value) provides your satiety level. Heavy and scent melon is perfect to choose.

A double whammy melon idea is cantaloupe. It offers vitamin A and C. Vitamin A is perfect for eye health, improves vision, and protects from macular degeneration.

Well defined netting, in case of Cantaloupe that appears heavy, is best to go with.  


The edible bulb belongs to the lily family is an aromatic agent for several dishes. It is also used medicine for specific diseases. For thousands of years, people use it for treatments.

It is capable of curing heart disorders, high cholesterol, cancer and high blood pressure.


Garlic Cloves

Science describes most significant features of garlic as one of the best foods for diabetes. Consuming garlic lowers level of cholesterol in the blood, according to some research studies.

Garlic can slow down the atherosclerosis development (stroke condition). It also helps reducing blood pressure.

Garlic helps to prevent risk for many cancers because its potential health benefits can fight cancers.

It can be used in dishes in the form of chopped slices or crushed; this way activates its compounds. It contains sulfide compounds that provide strong aroma.

One clove of fresh garlic provides 1g of carbohydrates. It is perfect to add to pasta, shrimp recipes and stir-fries. To promote weight loss, you can have two uncooked cloves of garlic with plain water.


Do you know tea can be among the best foods for diabetes?

Now, whenever you have a cup of tea, you will favor your health. It contains flavonoids, rich antioxidants, and catechins that dilate blood vessels hence reduce the risk of heart disease.

American Diabetes Association has revealed that tea alleviates stress, lowers cholesterol level and risk of cancers.


Black Tea

Whether it is green or black tea, it has potential health benefits. Green tea is the best among all the teas of the world.

Once you brew tea, its potential health benefits degrade so bottled teas cannot count. Moreover, cold tea dilutes the compounds of tea.

Tea has half number of caffeine as coffee does.  There are a variety of options to curl up with, for instance, black tea, green tea, ginger lemon tea and spiced pear tea.

This food list is high fiber and has the strong impact on blood glucose level. Being smart about getting smart lifestyle matters the most.

Choosing among the best foods for diabetes have a significant effect on your overall well being. 

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