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Green Tea Is a Best Drink: Its Wow Benefits

Green Tea Is a Best Drink:  Its Wow Benefits

On a given day, 158 million Americans enjoy a cup of tea, and if you too, love tea, you’ll be probably one of them.

According to an estimate, in the past year, more than 80 billion tea servings are consumed by America’s tea lovers.

No need to astonish-this amount roughly goes to 3.60 billion gallons. Being said that black tea is more popular, green tea is reportedly growing large, and a higher volume is recorded as compared to black tea.

Green Tea and Fats:

Many said that green tea plays the integral role in weight loss, day or night, have your cup of tea tight.

Obesity is a problem, not only in America but Japan, India and many European countries. The aim of weight loss is difficult always to achieve, not only initially to shed weight but also at the time of keeping it off.

Green tea and its extracts are increasingly popular as weight loss supplements.

This way is safe and natural and keeps obese people on the right track, help them to achieve their health goals and increase well being.

Do you know how to lose weight with green tea?

Catechins and Caffeine:

What do you say on the best combination of catechins and caffeine? Indeed, this is a healthy combination and can provide you a lot of what you need.

In one cup of green tea, 24-40 mg caffeine is present that has a mild stimulating impact. This element is linked with a boost up to energy level, shed fat and stimulate the calorie burning process (with 100 mg, nine calories burn).

Though this does not seem right, the ratio may go up with time.

Catechins are antioxidants, potent and renowned epigallocatechin gallate.

This element stimulates nor-epinephrine-a hormone that enhances a fat burning process of cells. Higher the production of nor-epinephrine, higher will be the fat breakdown.

This function, according to research, works better with the availability of caffeine.

Green Tea and Atherosclerosis:

Green tea possesses antioxidant properties, so it may help prevent atherosclerosis, evident from many population studies (studies conducted on the large group of people that compares people living in culture variety and with different diet).

HDL-good level of cholesterol, combat bad level, and its level goes up by the  consumption of tea.

Lowering triglyceride level and bad cholesterol surely reduce the heart disease risk, for instance, the rate of heart attack declines to 11% by the use of tea thrice a day.

Green Tea and Cancer:

Tea offers protection against cancer, whether it is black or green. For instance, the cancer rate is found low in countries who consume green tea daily.

Early clinical studies coined that polyphenols in green tea can act as cancer prevention in people.

Among many types of cancer, the tea can combat with bladder cancer, breast cancer esophageal cancer, colorectal cancer, lung, stomach, skin, pancreatic, prostate and ovarian cancer.

Usually, polyphenol is a compound in it, that can inhibit the growth of cancer cells and luckily, they can match the top treatments for cancer.

Do you know how to skin care with green tea?

Not assume it as far-fetched that its regular consumption will put you at less risk, because:

  • Green tea elements are likely to have a good level capability of free radical scavenging. This property help cells in a protection of DNA damage that may occur from reactive oxygen species.
  • Polyphenols in green tea inhibit development of tumor cells and bring on apoptosis (devastation of cancer cells), evident from clinical studies
  • Detoxification enzymes activated with catechins like quinine reductase and glutathione S-transferase
  • Catechins in tea not only offer protection against ultraviolet B radiation damage but they stimulate immune system

Any oxidative damage to the cell is easy to stop with this tea since it contains powerful antioxidants and that has other disease combating abilities.

Seems impressive attributes list by the special drink, isn’t it? It is simply a lot to make it a habit twice a day. It will cover your work stress, fatigue, and depression too.

Feel fresh with one cup of green tea in the morning as well as in the evening, give the impression of a potential outcome.

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