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05 Incredible Celery Benefits for Skin

Everyone knows the benefits of green veggies. These wonder juices work significantly for skin, brain and heart health. Only to think that celery is a low calorie, a crunchy vegetable is not right because it possesses more than this.

Celery benefits are beyond what we think about. According to the recent research, celery can provide extremely healthy benefits to the human body. It is perfect to add in the diet on regular basis.

Proven Celery Benefits

Celery juice is not only appetizer food that should be pursued but it also provides new wellness to the whole body.

The trend to use celery in food and use for skin is started from celebrities, media, and channels.

Provides Antioxidants

Celery leaves are full of anti-oxidants. They provide vitamin A, K, flavonoids and beta carotene with tons of other nutrients.

Since it is low calories and diet friendly, it is easy to use in salads and dressings. According to different research studies, this is capable to minimize the oxidative stress.

The antioxidants in celery leaves are significant to lower the risk of cancer.

The celery juice is helpful to protect skin from free radicals. It rejuvenates skin and protects it from cell damage. 

It is Anti-inflammatory

Celery benefits extend and include an anti-inflammatory aspect in its functions. It contains polyacetylenes and luteolin.

These elements are food to lower inflammatory prostaglandins. Celery consumed in juice form or raw plays a healthy role in clearing up the skin.

It functions to remove skin infections or any allergens.

The celery leaves contain magnesium that helps skin calm down and offers a soothing impact. It is productive in providing clear and glowing skin.

If you are worried of skin acne or rashes, apply celery leaves mask onto the skin.

Clears Skin

Celery leaves contain flavonoids and vitamin C that work tremendously in clearing up the skin surface from unwanted spots or scars. Regular intake of celery juice or adding it in salad promotes skin shine.

The antioxidants and phenolic nutrients are skin friendly that protects skin from ultraviolet sun rays.

Any sunburn or heat rashes are cured by applying celery leaves mask in the affected area. It helps to restore damaged cells and skin surface.  


Celery leaves come with vitamin C and K. They are proven for their anti-aging benefits for the skin. Vitamin K helps in skin strengthening and fades stretch marks, and minimizes scars.

It is a go-to ingredient in celery that offers a youthful look.

Vitamin C nourishes skin and provides extra skin protection. In most of the skin care products, vitamin C is present that functions to promote skin glow and radiance.

In combination, both of these vitamins are effective for anti-aging properties.

Stores Hydration

The leaves of celery are full of water as a wonder liquid. A study found that celery is 95% water and only 2-3 celery sticks can replenish sodium, potassium, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus in the body.

This clears the significance of celery for whole body and skin.

Celery contains silica that provides elasticity and moisture to the skin surface. It is effective for boosting flexibility in the skin and restoring hydration for skin glow.

In a South Korean study, celery benefits examined that provided celery as a best acne killer and scar eliminator.

Celery contains furanocoumarins, an element used to treat Vitiligo (white patches pigmentation).

It helps cleansing skin, making it less acne prone and removing dirt.

Celery benefits range from dry to oily skin. It is perfect to use raw, boiled or sliced. 

Side Effects of Celery

Celery benefits are vast but one should consider its side effects.

  • It is an allergen and commonly cause an allergy that can be serious. For instance, if you are allergic to birch pollen, you can get allergy from celery.
  • Symptoms of allergy may include irritation, face swelling, upset stomach, dizziness or rashes.
  • For pregnant or breastfeeding women, celery should use with caution because it can induce uterus contraction or bleeding.

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