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Honey Benefits for Your Skin

Are you aware of honey benefits? Yes, there are many for skin.

You might have bought into and tried “all-natural” skin treatments in the past and met with only disappointment, but it won’t be the case with honey.

It is scientifically proven to be beneficial for your skin and promises a soft, even, glowing and blemish free skin.

You might be reluctant to put a thick sticky and gooey substance on your skin, but when you see these benefits for yourself, it will become indispensable to your skin care. Honey benefits are all what skin needs.

Honey has been valued as a skin care agent for centuries. Its earliest use dates back to 3000 years; ancient civilizations called it the nectar of gods.

It has been used for cooking, treating diseases and illnesses, and you guessed it, cosmetic purposes.

It isn’t just quackery and allopathy. Scientific studies and centuries of usage lend it more than enough credibility.  

Difference between Raw and Processed Honey

Processed honey is pasteurized – heated to kill all microbes and then filtered. Processing gives honey its signature golden look while raw honey is milky white in color and also has a different texture than processed honey.

Another key difference between processed and raw honey is that it lacks many important enzymes, nutrients, and antioxidants found in raw honey.

Pasteurization removes these elements along with Vitamins A, B-complex, C, D, and E.

Raw honey has far more benefits on your skin, as opposed to its processed counterpart since it retains antioxidants, nutrients, and enzymes.

We recommend that you stick to honey in its raw form, to get best out of your honey skin care treatment.

Proven Honey Benefits

Acne treatment

Honey is anti-bacterial – kills bacteria and absorbs excess oil on your skin, making it an ideal treatment to cure your acne. Acne is simply bacteria-infected glands on your skin and leads to oil buildup.

Unpasteurized honey is a surprisingly effective remedy for acne. It creates a high pH environment for the bacteria killing the already present ones and preventing their further growth.

It’s a far more effective and safer option than acne and ointments found in the market.


Honey sucks moisture from the air and into your skin, hydrating it. It moisturizes dry skin, making it soft and plump.

Apply honey on your face, let it sit for at least half an hour and rinse your face, leaving your skin soft, plump and moisturized.

Honey comes off thoroughly with water and won’t leave any sticky residue after washing. It also remedies chapped lips. Just smear it on your lips and let it absorb overnight.


Raw honey is antioxidant-laden, giving it exceptional anti-ageing properties. Not only it slows down ageing, but it also fades fine lines and wrinkles.

Glowing skin

Who don’t need glowing and radiant skin? Honey benefits in numerous ways, mixture with other herbal ingredients to enhance skin glow.

Honey naturally exfoliates dead skin cells leaving your skin radiant and glowing.

Heals Wounds

Due to its antibacterial properties, honey effectively heals wounds and burns. Backed by science, it also fades scars, blemishes, and wrinkles. Due to its disinfectant nature, it is best to heal minor cuts and wounds.

These science supported honey benefits are miracles for women particularly worried about skin acne, blemishes and freckles.

Grab this unique ointment from your kitchen and apply it today to get rid of all the ailments.

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