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Pineapple: The Significant Health Benefits

Do you know that Columbus found pineapple in Guadeloupe 1493 and termed it as pina-de-indes, meaning pine of Indians, so it arrived in Europe?

Later, it appeared that it could take good care of skin, hair, eyes and the whole body through immense health benefits.

The fantastic spiny fruit outside but sweet inside is pineapple. It tastes delicious and offers enormous health benefits.

The tropical fruit is capable of treating many ailments and a natural remedy for inflammation and pain.

Costa Rica is a place from where a majority of pineapple come to the UK, US and Europe. Though organic pineapple yield significant health benefits, but now the industry is industrialized highly.

Pineapple is healthy for body

Unripe Pineapple

Nutritional Profile of Pineapple:

Raw fruit contains different level of nutrition as compared to canned.

If serving size of 2 slices of 112grams (3’’ diameter), is to estimate, it can provide 50 calories, 10mg sodium, Vitamin A 2%, C 50%, Calcium 2%, Iron 2%, Protein 1gram, sugar 10gram, dietary fiber 1gram and total carbohydrates will be 13grams.

US agriculture department stated that fruit contains 131 calories so that it will be 31 grams sugar. It is better not to go for added sugar, and grab the fruit juice canned pineapple instead of syrup.

 Why Add Pineapple in Diet?

Pineapple contains the significant level of vitamin C, B1, manganese and potassium. All these nutrients offer disease protection. It bears more importance than just to sprinkle on salads and use in dressings.

The medicinal benefits, such as combating inflammation, relieving pain and preventing illnesses are common. Its health benefits are not limited to a topical body, but it fights against cardiovascular disorders and capable of improving infertility.

If, a natural fruit possesses so many goods to go benefits, why not to add in a daily diet since it is inexpensive, easily available, and tasty.

Significant Health Benefits of Pineapple

Digestion Aid:

People with dyspepsia should not restrain from its consumption. It is capable to breakdown polypeptides chain of protein and amino acid. It offers smoothness to acid reflux, general digestive issues and ulcerative colitis.

Food allergies can be treated by pineapple and prevent autoimmune. In Japan, a research study showed that patients with celiac disease (causes due to gluten of wheat) improved health condition by eating pineapple.

High Amount of Fiber:

The risk of colorectal cancer is decreased as you take fruits high in fiber. It reduces blood sugar level and types 2 diabetes.

In a regular pineapple, 13 grams of fiber is present, adding it to a diet can bring you several health benefits. Fiber is also powerful in relieving constipation and promoting a healthy digestive gut.

It contains ‘bromelain’ a digestive enzyme, i.e. helps in the breakdown of complex protein. The enzyme is proteolytic with the broad range of pH for functional activities of digestion. 

Promotes Fertility:

Pineapple improves fertility, according to research studies, it is clear that fruits with high anti-oxidants can reduce infertility.

They also help to remove free radicals that might destroy a reproductive system so that pineapples can act as the protecting agent to pregnancy.

Beta-carotene, vitamin-C and copper are useful for male and females. Anti-oxidants are right to regulate blood flow, make tissues in genital parts and enhancing sperm level.


Pineapple for health

Pineapple for health

Promotes Immune System:

Pineapple is known for the significant quantity of vitamin C. It helps reducing sickness and stimulates white blood cells activity, hence supports the immune system.

Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant and water-soluble, it fights risks to a cell. According to a study in Oregan University, pineapple found to combat damage to cell and heart disorders.

Reduces Inflammation:

Health benefits of pineapples range to reducing inflammation and pain in joints. Bromelain enzyme in this fruit enhances the healing process, i.e. surgical, sports injury, or sprains.

Bromelain stops the metabolites which cause inflammation. Fibrin present in the blood causes swelling, while bromelain activates a chemical that breaks fibrin, hence reducing swelling. It is also used before surgical treatments to decrease swelling and enhance healing time.

Prevents Cardiovascular Disease:

Heart health is important, and fruits play the integral role in boosting it. Pineapple has fiber, vitamin C, potassium and other nutrients that have cardio-protection power.

Pineapple juice prevents coronary risk, regulates metabolism and speed up digestion. 

Chest Pain (angina) can be minimized by pineapple. Bromelain helps to break down plaque elements, present in blood vessels, and reduce blood clotting.

Fruits offer good potassium level that benefits heart health. It lowers blood pressure when needed and maintains healthy blood regulation.

Bromelain is evidenced to restrict platelet aggregation that is the primary cause of stroke or heart attack.

 Promotes Bone and Eye Health:

The health benefits of pineapple are beyond your consideration.

It helps you stay fit, strong and tall. It offers recommended daily value of manganese, bone developer and helps in the formation of connective tissues.

Linus Pauling Institute suggested that trace elements in pineapple, such as manganese protects from osteoporosis-when females enter in the post-menopause state.

Age-related Macular Degeneration is eye disorder; it results in no or blurred vision. Pineapple can reduce this disease risk due to the good level of anti-oxidants and vitamin C.

Promotes Asthma Protection:

With the help of antioxidants, i.e. beta-carotene, pineapple lowers asthma risk. Causative agents for asthma are pollutants, toxins, antibiotic abuse and poor nutrition.

These factors also produce inflammation, but health benefits of pineapple combat them through detoxification.

Combats Cancer:

Bromelain offers anti-inflammatory, immune-related and anti-oxidant protection. It helps increase apoptosis, a stage where cancer cells die.

In a research study, it is found that bromelain has more active power than any chemo-agent for cancer treatment.

Cytotoxicity is a process that causes toxins to destroy cells. Bromelain has selective cytotoxicity and only kills cancerous cells. This natural compound works in more efficient way than chemo-agents.

Health benefits of pineapple are many. It lifts your mood, fights anxiety and depression. Tryptophan is an amino-acid present in pineapple, is helpful in producing the serotonin-happy hormone.

This is clear that consuming pineapple on a daily basis not only provides you many health benefits but also protect you from many health diseases.

Things to Consider:

Pineapple has significant health benefits, but it is not food that causes allergy. It promotes digestion, regulates blood pressure and enhances absorption of food in the body.

 However, high doses of vitamin C may cause nausea, diarrhoea, heartburn, headache or insomnia. Bromelain may interact with medication if you are using any.

It is wise to consult your doctor, if you are on any medication, before consuming raw pineapple.

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