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Fatty Liver: Can Keto Diet Cure It?

The liver is the largest organ of our body, which is on the right side of the belly. The weight of the liver is about 3 pounds and is reddish-brown. 

It helps us to detoxified alcohol, filters harmful substances which you intact through eating, digest, and process food.

The excess glucose store in the form of glycogen in the liver. The job of the liver is to filter the blood coming from the digestion. It is also essential for blood clotting.

What is Fatty Liver?

The fatty liver is a disease which occurs due to the too much fat build up in liver cells. It is hepatic steatosis.

The small amount of fat is okay, but too much fat in your body can cause liver inflammation, which can damage your liver and can also lead you towards liver failure. It’s okay to have fat up to 5%, but more than this can cause liver disease.

The fatty liver happens due to obesity, Excess of belly fat, large intake of alcohol, Diabetes, consuming a high amount of insulin resistance, high blood pressure and high level of fat in your blood.

Fatty liver is a problem in keto diet

Fatty liver can also cause scars on your liver.

The most occur symptoms of fatty liver disease are weakness, bleeding of blood through nose, eyes color change to yellow, skin converts into pale color, sudden belly pain, and swelling, legs started to swell, the enlargement of breast in men’s body, diet, feeling of tiredness and low energy, vomiting, loss of appetite and Sometimes weight loss can also become a symptom.  

It is easy to diagnose through a high level of enzymes in the liver that can be shown through blood tests. However, an ultrasound is used to confirm the fatty liver disease. 

Keto diet can help you cure fatty liver disease. It contains low carbohydrates food as carbohydrate increase your weight.

How Keto Diet help Cure Fatty Liver?

Keto diet includes oily fish, coffee, nuts, and vegetables like Spinach, Broccoli, and Salad, etc. There are two types of this disease:

  • Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
  • Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease:

NFLD is the most common liver disease. It is not due to alcohol use. It is a very initial stage of liver disease.

Unfortunately, this liver disease goes undiagnosed mostly, which can also lead to a more severe liver condition, which is nonalcoholic steatohepatitis or NASH.  

It occurs mainly from a metabolic syndrome, which means due to high blood pressure, high cholesterol level in the body, high insulin intake, and due to increased belly fat.

It occurs mostly in older people, people with diabetes and high blood pressure and having considerable amount of fat in the belly.

A person should maintain its weight and exercise on a daily basis, avoid snacks which contain fat, and by using keto diet, which involve exercise and low carbohydrate food.

Nonalcoholic Fatty liver has two types:

Simple Fatty Liver:

The disease simple fatty liver means that you have fat on your liver, which can result in the damage of liver cells. It is usually not much harmful to your health.

Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH):

This type is much more severe to health as simple fatty liver. It causes inflammation to a human body, which means a person can suffer through a physical condition in which body swell, hot and painful. NASH damages the liver cells.

This can leads to severe problems like liver failure and Liver Cancer. It is difficult to diagnosed Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis without further testing. 

Acute Fatty Liver of Pregnancy:

This type is scarce but is very serious. This liver disease typically occurs during pregnancy in the third trimester of pregnancy.

This can affect severe issues to the mother and the baby. If a woman is diagnosed with acute fatty liver, then the doctor tries to deliver the baby as soon as possible.

After birth, women need the care to follow. After that, the liver condition will be back to the stable. The exact cause of this disease type is still unknown.  

Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease:

Alcoholic Fatty liver disease occurs due to the large intake of alcohol, yet not diagnosed easily. In this case, the liver becomes enlarged; you often feel pain in the upper side of your belly. 

It is easy to cure, if a person stops the alcohol use. If a person is alcoholic, doctor’s counseling and treatment is useful. Instead, it will cause some severe problems like:

Alcoholic hepatitis, means the greater size of the liver is due to the swelling, and this swelling of the liver can cause fever, vomiting, Red Palm, enlarged blood vessels of your skin, overweight, breasts of men become large, pale color of the skin and yellow eyes which are the symptoms of jaundice. 

To check the liver enlargement the doctor press on your belly, if the liver is enlarged, the doctor can feel it.

Due to AFL disease, Alcoholic cirrhosis can also happen, which is the buildup of scar tissue in a human body.

The symptoms of Alcoholic cirrhosis are a large amount of fluid is produced in your belly, high blood pressure, a liver failure which can also cause death, bleeding inside your body and changes occur in human nature.

In the initial stage, the person suffers through Alcoholic hepatitis; then it may convert into Alcoholic Cirrhosis, which is very dangerous.

Luckily, the cure for fatty liver disease is available in the form of diet and exercise. The diet is Ketogenic.

It focuses on the removing of carbohydrates from your diet, which help you to reduce weight.

According to researches, it is evident that low carbs can decrease fat in the liver. The following are the guidelines for the keto diet:

  • Restrict carbohydrate up top 5% from your daily diet routine.
  • Take high fiber food like vegetables with every meal.
  • Use of liver healing food like olive oil, avocado, oily fish coffee, etc.
  • Go for liver healing supplement as recommended by the doctor.
  • Less use of alcohol.
  • Daily exercise helps to cure.

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