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Is Watermelon Keto or Not?


Being on keto diet and craving some quick refreshment. In this summer season watermelon is the king fruit that keeps you glowing, hydrated and energized. But beware don’t over eat as it’s sugar content is high and will disturb your keto regime 

Watermelon’s significance during Keto

Here in this article we will establish if we can use watermelon during keto diet or NOT. What are nutritional facts of watermelon and their impact on the Keto diet?  

Being overweight is the most dangerous disease modern world is facing. We introduce multiple diet programs to reduce our weight. Keto has recently gained much attention as it shows results.  

Ketogenic diet insight 

In keto diet you have to lower your carbohydrates intake to as min as possible with medium indulgence of protein and a high overall quantity of fats in your diet. 

You have to lessen sugar intake and only simple carbs are allowed. Rice is to avoided to see great results. Extra fats content in the body takes you to the process of ketosis that is the key in losing the overall weight to get into sublime shape. 

Now it’s a fact that fruits are very integral part of our diet. They provide you natural vitamin, mineral, antioxidants and what NOT .

Watermelon is beneficial 

During summer season due to extreme hot weather condition one always crave to have a fresh dose of watermelon as it is so refreshing and provider of instant energy . 

Is water melon allowed during Keto?

 Well it depends on alot of things:

  • These days natural fruits production is subjected to add some un natural ways to over sweeten the product for extra selling reasons. You must avoid such artificially ripened watermelons because their sugar content is extra high. You have to stay low sugar during Keto diet. 
  • You must count your calorie intake in order to follow Keto properly. Watermelon is rich in water content. Water gives you complete hydration in summer season.  This water richness makes it so likeable. It gives you the inner satisfaction as well as a glowing and shinning skin. 

If you take a cup of diced watermelon you get 12 g plus off net carbohydrates.  That is about 50 calories and 9g of sugar. 

Dietician assurance is key 

Talk to your dietician but we would recommend half a cup of diced watermelon would be enough quantity to get you energized while on strict Keto

If you consume extra amount of watermelon it is highly likely that your ketosis process will get disturbed. If ketosis doesn’t happen Keto diet will never show you the significant weight loss results and will be huge waste. 

If you entirely omit fruits from your diet you will definitely loose a great source of vitamin A , vitamin C , antioxidants,  and carbohydrates that can be vital to your body. Your body needs these vitamins and minerals to work properly and scarcity if these vital ingredients can lead to weakness and damage internally. 

So you have to keep in check the quantity you are in taking that’s going to keep you on track with your Ketoas you will have to count the rest of the calorie requirements in the body for the rest of the day . This will also guide you on the quantity limit that you can take during Keto diet 

Different ways of watermelon Intake

The consumption of water melon can be done in many ways. It can be eaten raw from the fruit or you can easily turn it into a juice or smoothie depending on your liking. Make sure you don’t add any more sugar content to the product as it will disturb your Keto diet and calorie limitations. 

Simple blending of watermelon can turn it into delicious juice as it is self rich in water content. Yogurt is a great ingredient and you can use smaller amount to make a smoothie and is very delicious and fulfilling for your craving. 

Health benefits of watermelon during Keto diet 

Watermelon has much more beneficial than we usually consider. Not only it is hydrating but it has properties that helps cure diseases. It replenished electrolytes in the body as it is a common issue during strict low-carb diet like Keto

Its lowers down the inflammation in the Body that can lead to many diseases left untreated. It’s 92% water content helps in regulation of blood that don’t let body heat up and as a result lessens inflammation.  

It’s contribution in losing weight is also very helpful for the body. During keto diet use of watermelon as low carb fruit has given great advantages .


Frequently Asked questions 

How long does it take to get keto flu?

During strict Keto diet keto flu is expected with in a day or two. This process varies in different people.  Mostly Keto flu occurs within 1st week of the diet depending on how strictly you are following Keto diet. 

How to manage Keto flu symptoms?

  • Keto flu is very well manageable with slow and steady start of Keto diet . 
  • You need to stay hydrated that will help you fight dehydration and mineral loss 
  • Electrolyte supplements are extremely helpful in keeping you energized and up in the game 
  • Fats are the KEY in keto diet . Must consume them according to instructions 
  • Must incorporate light exercise in your routine 
  • Take plenty of rest 

What is the nutrition value of watermelon? 

Watermelon is a great fruit with 92% water content and low carbohydrates value so it’s perfect to be added in small quantity in keto diet.  5.5 g of carbs and 0.25 g of fibre in half cup serving which is quite moderate. 

How bad is eating watermelon on keto? 

Well if you keep the serving small to half cup in cube form or drinking juice form it’s going to be helpful addition in keto diet 


To conclude this article we have establish that adding a small quantity of watermelon in your Ketogenic diet will have overall positive effects on your body. You will stay hydrated and energetic while losing a great deal of weight through strictly following Keto


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