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How to Use Papaya for Skin Whitening-Easy Way

You feel embarrassed for your blotchy skin? OR

Is uneven skin your big problem?

Do you know how to use papaya for skin whitening? Here’s the story.

Most people complain about their blemished skin, stubborn spots and hyperpigmentation. There are many normal reasons behind such skin, i.e. sun exposure, pollution, uncleanliness, chemicals, poor diet and dead cell accumulation.

Most of us use concealers and foundation, though they hide marks they are not a permanent cure and even can damage the skin in the long run. To get rid of chemical-based elements, herbal remedies trend is in the market. It has been proven authentic in a dramatic way.

Apart from being yummy and delicious, papaya contains exceptional healthy vitamins for skin.

Keep on this piece of writing because you’ll be knowing how to use papaya for skin whitening and to get rid of other skin ailments. This fruit contains significantly active ingredients and indeed can do wonder for damaged skin.

Due to it’s this level goodness, it is known as ‘Fruits of Angels’

Papaya fruit mask is quite easy to make since many SPAS are using it in facial, you can make it your own to reduce your expense.

How to Use Papaya for Skin Whitening?

There are many research evidences that have proved that papaya is best to whiten your skin and can provide you relief from different skin problems.

It can help you attain radiant skin right away when you use its peel on the skin surface for two to three minutes. It is fantastic, isn’t it?

Papaya is best in its any form or with a combination of different ingredients, for instance, you can use its crushed paste with milk, honey, lemon, cucumber or tomato juice and in yogurt.

Sounds pretty easy, so let’s have a look at quick mask recipes:

To get an instant glow on skin, smash some papaya pieces and apply on skin. Rest for 15 minutes and rinse off and observe the natural glow on face.

Papaya with Milk and Honey

Milk in combination with papaya is a proven anti-ageing mask and firms your skin while removing spots,


  • Blend some papaya pieces to form a thick paste
  • Add 3 tablespoon milk and mix well
  • Let it dry for 20 minutes and rinse off

You can use this mask twice a day because milk contains best skin properties and in case of any skin problem, you will find instant results.

Honey in combination with papaya hydrates nourishes and brightens the skin:


  • Blend papaya pieces into a fine paste
  • Mix 1 tablespoon honey in it
  • Apply the paste and rest for 15 minutes

Rinse it and repeat it on a daily basis. Since it is a natural mask, there will be no side effects of using this mixture regularly.

Papaya with Egg


  • Whisk an egg white and make its stable foam
  • Mash some pieces of papaya and add egg white in it
  • Whisk the mixture again and apply it on face
  • Let it sit for 20 minutes

This mask is good for skin if used twice or thrice in a week. Egg white is a perfect toner for skin; it tightens skin and closes large open pores of the skin.

Papaya with Banana and Cucumber

The combination of banana and cucumber with papaya exfoliates skin, hydrate it and reduces scars, spots and pigmentation.


  • Take ¼ papaya, ½ banana and ¼ cucumber
  • Mash them well together
  • Apply on skin and let it sit for 30 minutes
  • Rinse off face

This method will work best if used twice a week.

Papaya with Pineapple

Everyone knows the benefits of pineapple, let’s make its mask:


  • Take ½ cup papaya pieces and 1 cup pieces of pineapple
  • Apply this paste on the skin and let it dry for 15 minutes
  • Wash the face and repeat process thrice a week

These simple and easy homemade masks are to let you know how to use papaya for skin whitening.

These masks contain all necessary ingredients for skin and can offer you improved skin tone, reduce blemishes and glowing skin.

These masks will exfoliate your skin perfectly, and you will get rid of the rough texture of skin.

What is in Papaya?

Papaya contains enzyme papain, which is perfect for skin whitening, reduction in blemishes, and elimination of acne scars. This enzyme is renowned for the treatment of sunburn.

how to use papaya for skin whitening

Papaya is wonder for skin

Benefits of Papain:

In papaya, the enzyme papain works on the internal level in the skin and helps to shed dead accumulated cells

Skin exfoliation: Spoilers are the dead cells of the skin surface, beta hydroxy acid works against them, cleans dirt and remover acne, hence stops acne breakouts

Fades dark scars: Vitamin A in papaya reduces skin roughness, improves glow, and decrease skin darkness

Anti-ageing effect: Vitamin C in papaya improves the production of collagen and skin elasticity. It is antioxidant that reduces the growth of radicals that cause ageing

Hydrates Skin: Papaya housed potassium that hydrates skin and helps in relieving itchy skin and prevent many skin problems

Increases Suppleness: Papaya contains flavonoids, that repair damaged skin cells and offer smooth and suppleness to skin

Reduces skin irritations: Papain is anti-inflammatory, and it soothes eczema, acne, and different skin irritations


  • Avoid papaya use, if you are allergic to latex (only use the pulp and discard its peel)
  • Consume raw papaya, as it offers a high level of papain
  • Do a patch test before its mask application
  • Stay hydrated for better results from masks
  • In case of dry skin, use papaya mask in combination with honey
  • In case of oily skin, use papaya mask in combination with banana and cucumber

This informational piece about how to use papaya for skin whitening is necessarily building your knowledge about skin care. Herbal solution is always cost-effective, comfortable and productive.

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